Experiencing an earthquake

Hello friends, family and fellow competitors,

The young Aussie contingent of Daniel, Matt Meckenstock and myself are all in Santiago and experienced one of the largest Earthquakes recorded. It appears that our family and friends in Australia and other competitors all over the world have a greater idea of what is happening in Chile than we do. We have been without power since the earthquake and Daniel and I are currently sitting in the foyer of a gym using their WIFI at the cost of 2 cookie and cream cornetto’s (great pre race nutrition).

On Friday night we were staying at Nico Gordon’s house (2007 chilean competitor and Andrea Zanghellini’s boyfriend). Having had a super pasta feed we were dead to the world when all of a sudden I woke to Nico’s Atacama and other running medals clanging furiously at the foot of the bed. As the sound increased and the walls started to shake I sat up and started to have my own little freak out (please note that Daniel told me that everything was OK and I should go back to sleep). Within seconds we were both running into the living room as glasses, plates and vases were being thrown throughout the apartment and we saw the flashes of explosions out of the window. Nico was already there and was holding up the wall with one hand and holding onto the table with another one. So there we are, all in our underwear, looking out the window and hoping the shaking would not take the apartment down.

As scary as this was Santiago was definitely not the worst hit and towns in Southern Chile have had devestating casualties and damage to homes and buildings. I thank everyone for their emails of concern and apologise for not having the chance to write back to you all. We are both safe and Santiago appears to be functioning as normal.

Like many other competitors Daniel and I want to shift our fundraising focus to supporting the earthquake appeal. We will be posting information very soon about how you can support our race across the desert through donating to those affected by the earthquake.

Good luck to all of the race competitors in your adventure to San Pedro. We fly down to Calama on the 3rd and expect flights to be returned to normal by then.


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