3 weeks till I head to Chile

3 weeks till i head overseas, which means only 3 more weeks of training in Australia.

Whilst Atacama competitors in the northern hemisphere have been confronted with freezing temperatures and I can imagine training outside would be difficult, the weather in Melbourne has had its own challenges over the past week.

I started my clerkship in the city yesterday and decided I would go for a 10k trot with my backpack to a train station closer to my house. Hmmm 10kms… sounds pretty easy… well it was 45 degrees, super dry and obviously very, very hot. When I reached my destination my mouth was so dry and I had consumed all of the water I had on me. I desperately put my coinage into the drink machine and was devestated to discover it wasn’t working. Feeling happy that I decided to sign up for Atacama not Sahara.


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