From Gobi into Sahara

Hello Friends,

Well finishing the Gobi March has me half way to achieving my goal of completing the FourDesert Series this year. I returned to Australia from China pretty exhausted with pain in my right knee that had me limping and whincing for a few weeks once I got back. Injury and exhaustion has forced me to approach The Sahara Race slightly different. I have embraced deep water running, bikram yoga and swimming and I am ready to gear up for a big few weeks before I fly to Cairo on the 26th. On the 11th of September I have a six hour deep water running session that is sure to leave the kids and lifeguards perplexed. I look quite the sight with my purple water belt and aqua ipod.

Training has been incredibly difficult to squeeze in as I have been attempting to complete my final year of law studies whilst also working part time at Baker and McKenzie in Sydney. Though time is not on my side I have the benefit of completing two 250km races in the past six months and I have a clear idea on what food and gear works for me. I am looking to shed a kg off my backpack weight from Gobi, which will mean I am taking the bare essentials (with exception to my camera).

My fundraising efforts are still to raise some “serious cash” for the Royal Children’s Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust. To support me in my 1000km challenge please donate though the donations link on my homepage.

I am happy to have Sam Wilson my tent mate from Gobi and my running amiga Lisa Tamati both signd up for Sahara.


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