The bitter blow of injury

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Hello All,

The last month has been incredibly difficult as I injured my left foot/ankle on a training run. All was going smoothly as I set out for a 35km run with my 9kg backpack when all of a sudden I had an acute pain on my left foot. I took two more steps only to come crashing to the ground in pain with two lovely Italian men running over the road to help me.

In order of treatment and diagnosis this is the running order of events

1. Went to the ED to get an X-ray= no obvious fracture;
2. Grabbed some crutches, went to my friend who is an osteo who massaged my tight ankles (thank Bec);
3. Felt better in two days so went off the crutches;
4. Whilst walking 2km to the physio my pain came back;
5. Physio says I have a calcaneal stress fracture and I wont be able to do the race (I cry like a little girl and he responds ” I am a smart girl and should have known something was wrong”);
6. Get back on crutches, book MRI;
7. See another physio who says I don’t have a fracture but soft tissue damage and there is a chance I could race;
8. Ride the bike on the gym and do weights, cancel MRI;

9. See a sports physician who says he thinks it is a navicular bone fracture (grade1-2) and says I may need to be in a cast;

10. Book MRI;f

Last day in Melbourne before flying to LA (MRI= no fracture, have a cortizone injection, get a moon boot.

So that was 8 days ago and the moon boot is off and I am walking around with no pain. Hopefully I will be back to running next week and until then it is the pool, bike and weights for me. All in all the last month has been incredibly traumatic on a physical and emotional level. Having been injury free since deciding to do this race it felt like a cruel twist of fate that I was to be a cripple in the six weeks leading up to the start.

I am aware that the race can no longer be what I thought it could be but I will definitely be doing everything I can in these last few weeks to rehabilitate myself to get through it.

That being said I am in Santiago with Daniel right now and will be here till we fly to Calama on the 3rd of March.

Look forward to seeing everyone in San Pedro.




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