NF100, silly hats, tax and smiles.

I am living in countdown phase at the moment.

  • 1 week till I fly to Perth for the Australian Juice Plus conference = woot
  • 3 weeks until law exams = boo hiss
  • 6 weeks until I fly to Malaysia with my bestie Catherine to finish our final law subjects off = lockdown mode
  • 11 weeks till I fly to India for La Ultra: The High acclimatisation = trepidation
  • 12.5 weeks till La Ultra race = hold onto my breath (literally)
  • 16 weeks till my final law exams for EVER = phew
  • 18 weeks till UK and USA Juice Plus tour = excitement plus
  • 22 weeks to NYC marathon = too far into the future
  • 24 weeks till RacingthePlanet Nepal = seems a million years away

Yes, I am definitely nutty for thinking I could fit this much into a year and the feet and mouth are working in overdrive to make it happen. I am desperate to finish my law degree but sorely lacking the motivation to sit for hours on end by the books. If I can get through this semester I promise myself that I will truly dedicate my Malaysia time for nothing but running and studying – maybe I should have written study and running…

Last weekend was pure bliss as Dr Dan and I went to Sydney for the NF100 event in the Blue Mountains.We first had Daniel’s graduation at Sydney University where Daniel was officially crowned Dr. Was great to watch him do the walk and swap the tassels to the other side of his funny hat.

Now onto the race – the guys at NorthFace and AROC organized a superb event. After not finishing the race in New Zealand I was so happy to feel injury free and strong from start to finish. The scenery and trails in the Blue Mountains are pretty special and the course is rather hectic – steep hills, ladders, technical downhills as well as bone chilling temperatures and a few water crossings to boot. The race was topped off with a field of elite athletes – (Salomon international team = dominating the rankings) and running friends from all over the globe. I spent the weekend with great friend Eric LaHaie [coasted in for 11th placed], Matty Meckenstock [who opted to be no#1 support crew to protect his bod for his upcoming 100mile race], Claire Price [super women from Hong Kong who placed fourth female], Malcom & Amber Brown [Sahara and Sydney buddies] and Gareth & Andrea.  Our common passion for ultra running and adventure brings us all together and everyone is incredibly supportive of each other.

Running in the mixed pairs category was a unique opportunity for Dr Dan and I to have a joint project – whilst still racing our own races. There is no doubt that I am the slower runner but tagging at the half way point enabled us to support each other whilst still running.. We both had interesting races with Dr Dan burning up at the 30km mark after going out strong and sticking to Mr LaHaie. The speedy boy had worked 8 nights straight in ED and hadn’t run in the two weeks prior to the event so I was amazed at his efforts to come into the checkpoint when he did.

For once I had no real injury niggles and maybe this made my brain relax too much as I lost my way for around 30 minutes. After having my eyes firmly locked to the steps in front of me on a steep and narrow stair descent I turned left up another step stairs as opposed to going smoothly down to the right. I mistook competitor presence around me as there were a stack of tourists buzzing around and the light bulb in my head switched on when I realized I hadn’t seen a marker for a looooonnng time.  The tourists must have been alarmed because I suddenly let out a little groan when I discovered I was well off path and frantically pointed to my bib and asked if they had seen any competitors. I flew down the steps feeling my legs wobbling about. The backpack went off, the map came out and as i scrawled through the detailed map directions and noted the comment ‘don’t turn left…..turn right’. bOOHIISSSSS.

That being said I really had a sweet time and managed my fluids and nutrition without a hitch. I completed the last 11kms in the dark and as I was making my way through some very technical sections, with no other competitor in sight I felt completely serene and happy. I clearly must be missing some quite/ alone time in my every day life because I felt so blessed to be able to run in the dark on a Saturday night in the Blue Mountains, hahaha. Dr Dan and I came away with 2nd place, which was just icing on the cake to a fab weekend.

I am now back in Melbourne and writing this blog in a break from my tax study. The best friend Catherine is coming over tonight so we can combine forces and attempt to tackle this beast of a unit together.

Courtesy of Juice Plus+ I participated in a full day photo shoot yesterday with Krystal Weir(Work Champion Australian Olympic Sailor) and Sara Picken Brown (Figure Athlete). My friends and family will be shocked when I say I felt a wee bit anxious and out of place in posing for photos all day.  I was very lucky to have my close friend Erica King of Run By Women with me – which definitely made me feel more settled having her around.

Soooo next up is the Juice Plus+ conference in Perth. Really pumped to be the guest speaker and looking forward to meeting everyone on the West Coast.

Big thanks to my sponsors Juice Plus+AscendBodyologyBrooksCW-X and 720 Armour. I couldn’t live out these dreams without your support.


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