Stage 2 (Antarctica)

We are quickly realising that you need to expect the unexpected in this race and to be too locked into a plan/schedule is going to be a detriment. After I wrote my blog last night I had dinner and then went downstairs to sew my ripped gaiters. My shoes were pretty wet so I did a sneaky convoy mission and sweet talked one of the boat staff to put my shoes in the engine room to dry. Success!! (When she gave them back to me this morning she whispered in my ear that she has a spot for me to put them in when I finish stage two- hush, hush).

It was 1am when I slide into my bed and despite being physically tired I was completely wired. On top of that I was unsettled by the potential that we may need to rise at 3:45am. My usual desire for a set schedule prevented me from having a decent rest which was quite foolish of me. At 3am I was wide awake and started to walk around the ship. I bumped into one of the staff and did my spanglish to find out how high the winds were. After an initial look of confusion he told me that the winds were at 40knots – this meant it was unlikely it would die down quick enough for it to be safe to board the zodiacs at 5am. Once again I climbed back into bed only to wake thirty minutes later to an announcement that breakfast

would be pushed back to 6am.

6am comes and the Rickstar and I decide to grab a feed and go back to bed. The talk around town is that most people would have burnt around 5000 calories yesterday (obviously varied on people’s size). I smashed a big breaky of carbs, carbs and more carbs and went to my room to wait for the announcement of when we would start. The new plan was for us to head out at 9:30am for a start time of 10:30. Once we arrived on shore we were told the course would be the same except we would be starting up the opposite loop than yesterday. And off we go…… My body felt pretty good despite some soreness in my left upper thigh and I pushed up the hill behind Dianna from Ireland and Dave from South Africa. I normally hate the idea of someone running right behind me and I will often let them go in front of me so I can be in my own head space BUT knowing that the race is determined on the number of loops you do, as opposed to time, I stuck with the second placed female from yesterday. As we headed out on the zodiacs the weather was looking pretty miserable and the clouds were dark dark grey & I was 1 km from finishing the 9km loop when I was told that we had to get back to the ship. I cranked up the pace and transitioned from my shuffle to a run. I hoped onto the first available zodiac and it wasnt long before it became an Aussie version of a blizzard.

We are eating lunch at the moment and Mary has just announced that we need to be prepared to go out again in one hour. Needless to say I stopped eating and am quickly writing this blog so I can go

back to my cabin and hairdry my shoes.This race is a complete mind game…I felt pretty good when we started today but the back of my legs are feeling pretty tight so I hope they turn over when we get back out there.

Still in good spirits and trying to embrace the mantra of ‘going with the flow’.

Definitely thinking warm thoughts today.


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