3 days before Christmas

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Third blog, just a little over 10 weeks till the race and feeling somewhat undercooked. What an end to a very busy year, exams are over and I am in the final days of my law summer clerkship at Baker and McKenzie, the mince tarts are a plenty and the rum balls keep calling my name.

Before I get into race preparation and equipment debrief I thought I would write about something else I have acquired through entering this race. As a lovely addition to the excitement of running a 250km race across the Atacama Desert I have also met my perfect match in fellow competitor Daniel Trevena. In April of this year I was scoping out the official competitor list in an attempt to find a training partner  who lived in Melbourne . I came across Daniel’s name- residence: Australian, nationality: and thought I would see if he lived in my home town. In the typical gen Y manner I put his name into facebook, it came up with three Daniel Trevena’s and I wrote to all of them,  asking if they were running across the Atacama Desert . Daniel turned out to live in Sydney but we managed to catch up when I competed in the City to Surf a month or so later. Keeping in short and sweet Daniel and I met and instantly the sparks flew. We have been together ever since in a blissful endorphin state.

Ahhh now onto business Daniel and I placed our final order with racingtheplanet last night after deliberating for weeks on what would be the best jumper for night, Nuun flavour (electorlites), back up head torch and what degrees my sleeping bag should go down too. I only need to purchase my sleeping bag and my skins shorts and I am DONE!!!!!!!!!!

The basic idea for my equipment & clothing is minimal though as I look at the mandatory gear and my stack of equipment already purchased I can see how the weight creeps up. I am guessing that my pack will weigh about 10kgs but will do a test in the beginning of January.

As I mentioned in my first blog I was super worried about which backpack to purchase due to my ridiculously small height and small frame. I talked to Eric (racingtheplanet store & competitor), Samantha (racingtheplanet) and did my own indepth research and have chosen the OMM 25litre backpack. I give the backpack around a 7.5/10, it is still a little bit big for me around the shoulders but the length of the backpack is perfect.

I have bought the Salomon trailshoes and having quite a few problems with them at the moment. The arch is incredibly high and the shoe is quite narrow. For someone who rarely gets blisters after a short run before work I was rewarded with a blister on the inner part of each sole. My foot care plan stepped into action and I am attempting to look after the blisters as I would during the race with the exception of taking two days of running to repair them ASAP.

I note that there are only a few students who have signed up to compete in the Atacama Crossing and I am sure they are all dealing with the difficulties of trying to finance this adventure. I am lucky enough to be supported by my university ( MonashUniversity ) and also Injinji .


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