Bring it on!

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So if my last seemed to focus on injuries this post is about being uber positive.  I watched a documentary on a UK footballer taking up the challenge to train for the Atacama Crossing in 2004 with 8 weeks notice. He was in a team of seasoned ultra marathoners and he completed most of his training on a treadmill.  It was daunting yet exciting to watch this long distance novice go through each stage of the race. He was mentally unprepared about what the race was about and it was incredible to see how he managed to get himself to the start line each day – even though he was virtually ready to pull out the night before.

The main thing I learned from watching the doco is that I cannot let my foot injuries provide me with an excuse to pull out of the race. Every single competitor is going to be hurting and in serious amount of pain at some point and I do not want to use my injury as an easy way out.  My idea is to be very conservative the first few days and I no longer feel guilty about planning to walk some parts. Enough said!!!

I have been in Santiago for over two weeks now and have met the female Chilean team. We have gone on a few runs together and Andrea and I have scouted the Santiago shops for lightweight snacks, down jackets, SPF chapstick and discussed how we are going to braid my hair back.  In a very mature but girly way we have become new BFFs and I am excited to hit the desert with her and have a few pisco sours when we return to Santiago.

More good news is that I have now locked in a graduate spot for when I finish my law degree in July 2011. I was be working for Baker and McKenzie in Melbourne and I appreciate all of the support that my soon to be workmates have given me for this race.. Note to Ryan Hennessy that I will not be doing the race with my crutches!

I am off for a cheeky run with Daniel and previous Atacama competitor Nico Gordon and med/tri extraordanire Phillipe. On Friday Daniel and I are moving location to stay with Manuel Barros (also a 2007 Atacama competitor). We are spoilt for information about the race and needless to say excitement is running high.

Bring on the 7th of March!!


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