Maybe I should have packed the gumboots

We were told by the organisers to expect the unexpected with Gobi and boy were they right. I am sitting in the foyer of our hotel in Urumqi and the competitors are quietly (or not so quietly) freaking out by the sudden rain and cold weather. One of my greatest concerns going into Gobi was the expected 50+degree celsius temperatures when we hit the fourth and fifth stages. This is still predicted to take happen, but additionally we may be confronted with flash flooding and cooooolllllld weather on the first two stages. My clothing and gear are not ideal for these conditions and it could very well mean putting on wet clothes for a few days. As a final icing on the cake Gobi has been enjoying their freaky sand storms over the past few weeks. The sandstorms move up to 70 feet per second and have been known to cover cities with an inch or more of sand. Ricky Paugh and I have decided to pack our swimming goggles in the case we are caught in the middle of one of these storms. It will be an adventure= woot.

On other news we are spending our last night in a comfy & luxurious hotel.  I was paired up to share a room with Linda Quirk for the States but I now have the room to myself as Linda has been staying in another room at the hotel for the past week.  Tent allocations have also been posted and my Gobi family will consist of 7 guys from the UK and a guy from Canada.

I will start racing on the 27th of June and the link to the charity I am running on behalf on is- The Royal Childrens Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust is an amazing organisation and the research they do is fantastic. I recently received a generous donation from a family friend in Thailand who we met when we stayed at their resort in Pattaya (The Southern Star Resort: Great place and great people- big thanks.

Thanks to my family, friends and sponsors for helping me get to the start line, i really couldn’t have done it without you.  I will be thinking of you all during the race.


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