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Haroo All,

There is no denying I am in a frantic rush to get everything together and ticked off before i jump on a plane for Cairo this Sunday. I have been spending the past few days writing essays on why alternative dispute resolution techniques are essential to conflict management and why a wife should have access to the sperm of her husband/defacto who is on life support. In my other spare time i am babysitting three little rugrats four afternoons a week (reminding myself there is no rush in having kids), working at Baker and McKenzie and flying back & forth between Melbourne and Sydney. Ohhhh in addition I am attempting to train and pack for a 250km desert race I have in less than 10 days. Despite the fact I will be spending my first few days in Cairo finishing up some uni assessments,

I am getting increasingly excited to breathe in that hot air and feel the burning sand on my feet. Many people have asked me this year if I have taken on more than i can chew, one of those people being me. I have always been one to live life to the maximum and fill in as much in my days as humanly possible. I feel i may be close to reaching the limit!! That being said I know that as soon the gun goes off in 10 days all i will be thinking about is moving from point A to point B. That simple concept is incredibly refreshing to me and those 6 days in Sahara will be my idea of a holiday.

Like all competitors I am sure your house is beginning to resemble a camp site and i publically apologise to my boyfriend and Emma for all of the gear that is consuming our living room space. I am beginning to make a mental note of everything I need to do – get insurance, pack pills, print off notes to read on the plane, apply more glue to gaiters, defer trust law exam (as it clashes with the last desert race) and the list continues. One piece of advice for competitors is to take as much of your gear onto the plane as possible – especially your runners and sunglasses (two of the most important items). There were horror stories in Chile with people’s luggage going missing & they had a mad dash in Atacama getting food, clothing & mandatory items together from people who brought spares. A little reminder to put your sunscreen, hydropel and knives into your checked luggage.

In undertaking this Four Deserts challenge my objective is to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust. There is a donations link on my homepage and I send big love to everyone who has donated and for those who have intentions to donate.

I arrive in Cairo on Monday and will be staying at the RTP allocated hotel. For those who haven’t met me I will be the midget looking girl who will be completing her essays in the foyer. I encourage all of you to interrupt me or even better offer to finish it for me! Otherwise I may be the first person to take a laptop in her backpack during an RTP event.

Time to start ticking off that list.




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