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So there is less than four weeks until the race begins and I nearly forgot all of the time and effort that is needed to organise ones gear and equipment. I became quite obsessive with my gear in the final month leading up to Atacama. I think I found a new love for ziplock bags & embraced the challenge of being able to make freezedried food as small as possible. This time round I am all about tweaking what didn’t work last time. I have been working with the CW-X team in New York to coordinate the best combination of their clothing to assist me during the stages and during the recovery at night- thanks to Bruce Monroe for all of your help.

I have made a few changes to my nutrition and training over the past couple of months. This includes incorporating Pilates and yoga into my cross training. This has helped me settle a few niggles I had in my knees/ankles after foolishly doing a 50k trail race, only a few weeks after completing the Atacama. A month ago I also started taking products from the Juice Plus + range. I have certainly notice a boost in my energy levels even though I have been training longer and harder. I have decided I will take these products during the race as well.

I thought I would dedicate this blog to listing out my gear for Gobi (with my next blog about nutrition).

Mandatory Gear
– OMM Adventure Light 20L backpack (RTP store): Really happy with this backpack, it fits my small frame really well & the shoulder padding is great.
– OMM Waist Pouch 3L (RTP store): I am still up in the air about whether I will need this but it will depend on whether I can fit everything into my 20L pack.
– Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32 Sleeping bag for Women (RTP store): Use it in Atacama and it worked well.
– Desert Sand Gaiters (Sand Baggers online store): The raidlight gaiters I bought for Atacama were terrible and broke apart in the second day. I have heard great reviews of these intense looking gaiters and think they are a great option to keeping out sand and debris.
RaidLight Bretelle Bottle and holder set (RTP store): Best drinking system hands down. I will also bring a bladder as the new requirement for water capcity has increased. Really hope I don’t have to use it as it would be a pain to have to pull off the backpack to refuel at each checkpoint.
– Princeton headlamp (REI) and Petzel e+LITE headlamp (RTP store): tick, tick
– Bister Kit & hydropel (RTP store):  it is a little expensive but it saves time having to collect all of the items yourself. I struggled to find the benzoin swabs.
– Space Brand Emergency Blanket (RTP store): $8 bivy and very compact
– Silva compass (previously on RTP store): it is super super small which is great b/c i never used it in Atacama.
– 4Deserts Swiss Card (RTP store): small & practical
– Raidlight Foldable Trail Poles (RTP store): I was undecided about the benefit of trekking poles unless you planned to walk the whole race. However I was lucky enough to share a tent with Erica Terblanche (female winner of Sahara & 2nd placed female in Atacama) & she raved about their benefit during the sand and up the hills. Hopefully they will also provide some reprieve to the knees.

CW-X women’s short sleeve LiteFit Zip for racing
CW-X women’s long sleeve LiteFit Zip for nightime
CW-X race shorts: yet to decide which style I will wear
CW-X tights for recovery: yet to decide which style I will wear
CW-X support bras: obviously a very important item for women
CW-X hat
OR padded jacket
3 pairs of Injinji socks: love them!
Brooks cascadia trail shoes

Lastly I want to thank everyone who has already supported me through donating to the Royal Children’s Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust. You can continue to do so through this link

Not long now and starting to get excited.


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