Stage 2 (Gobi March)

Hello Outside World.

I am writing this blog from a pretty amazing campsite and I have already had a few hours rest after a tough but shortish day. We only had to cover 29kms today and it was broken up into 15kms, 7kms, 7kms. The toughest stage by far was the first 15kms which were pretty similar to the last checkpoint of day 1. The countdown began at 9am and I headed off with fellow pocket rocket Amanda from Hong Kong. She is such a mighty max and it was great to have some friendly company for the first 16kms. The pace today was pretty quick from most of the field and our plan was to power up the hills, carefully slide down the hills and run as much of the flats as possible.  We were joined by Lisa Tamati and the three of us stayed in a close pack for the majority of the first stage. Amazing mutual respect between all of us and I hope both of them continue to smash out the remaining four days. Amanda went ahead after we took a detour after checkpoint two. I think some of the kiddies in the villages took away some of the pink flags so we had to bush bash our way back onto the course.

Checkpoint 2-3 was pretty decent terrain wise but I was feeling my heart go pitter patter like a crazy humming bird. I managed to finally get in a rhythm when Lisa and Dave joined me and we continued to the finish line together. I am still not a massive fan of the hills but feel Im getting a little stronger in my approach to them. I think having my bottles at the front of my pack added some strain but I’ve just got to suck it up..

My tent mates are pretty hilar and they are all racing really well. Charlie had another solid day and came in 15th and Finn the mountain goat came in just after him. Unfortunately Finn was penalised a one hour time penalty last night because he relieved himself outside of the mandatory (and very unsanitary) toilets. Our tent has put up quite the protest but even the vocal cries of the youngest competitors hasn’t helped to remove his penalty.

Will be heading to bed soon and preparing for the river crossings that tomorrow will bring. Thank you for all of the wonderful messages and support. RB: I am loving your armband and have had a lot of comments about it. I’ve been sticking my electrolytes and salt tablets in it and its working a treat.

Lesson for the day: I want to lift my head a little more from my grandma shuffle position to take in the beautiful scenery a little more.

Competitor shout out goes to Lisa Tamati and Amanda. Truly loving the female camaraderie and its enjoyable to be able to share the kms with them.

Family and friend shout out goes to Mum, Dad and Cassandra. I know you think I am crazy but I really appreciate the fact that you follow every step I take. The freeze dried bags you got for me were super Mumsie and are working a treat with my packlite food.

Placed 39/40th competitor overall and equal 3rd female with Lisa.


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