Stage 3 (Sahara)

Haroo everyone,

Day three is over and I just ticked off 41.6kms. I always sum up each stage by how I feel at the finish line. Today I crossed the line with my two Irish tent mates and Dylan from Wales and it was a moment of celebration. Of course we each had down moments along the tough course, but it is amazing how you can help someone even when you are struggling (which also happens to make you feel better). We even got to the point in the final 5km stretch where we were each reciting poetry to each other (I embraced a recitation of ‘a sunburnt country’). May sound silly but you can come up with some pretty crazy ways of making the time go quicker. I also had the running companionship for 35kms of another tent mate- Malcolm Brown, before he tore up the last 6kms.. Our tent posse is continually reminding each other how lucky we are to have such a good tent, which is another way of saying that we all think we are pretty great  Ryan Bennett is safely in second place and we are all rooting for him to take first place. He is actually pretty hilar, not only does he have a new pair of socks for everyday but he also has multiple photos to provide himself with changing images of inspiration. The best thing about Ryan is that he is incredibly chilled, the guy takes photos as he is on the course. We made a joke that he should run ahead of the first guy (Anders) and ask him to take a photo of him.

Enough tent banter, now onto the course.
Quite a picturesque day and the course director had us go through long periods of undulating dunes, rocky outcroppings, flat expanses with loose white sand and shale rock. NB: I had the assistance of another competitor in the cyber tent to come up with that description- the brain is going a little ga ga at this point. RTP decided to add in an extra checkpoint today to  break up the first two stages into three. This meant we had the kms broken into 8, 8.5, 8, 9.8, 9.4. I was quite thankful to be able to take on an extra 1.5litres as the heat was pretty strong out there today.  I have probably consumed close to liters of water today and plan to take in at least another 1-2 before bed.

Only a few people have dropped out today but there are a lot of people still out on the course and I suspect we will be hearing the beat of the drum at the finish line for several hours to come. Tomorrow is supposed to be easier but  I will be taking it carefully as the long day is just around the corner.

Placed equal 22nd and fourth female today. All about consistency!

Best news is I have NO blisters and I say this as I guy just hobbled past me with the most horrendous bloody blisters. Knocking on wood that my injinji’s and brook shoes continue to be my saviours in the desert.

Thanks to fellow RTP competitors who have showered me with support through the blogs- (Diana, David, Rossco, Dodsy, Matty, Melissa, Andrea, Nick, Dreamboat, J.Carter, Peter, Andrea and Gareth).

Big love to my Mum and Dad- hope you are enjoying your travels in Alexandria and I cannot wait to see you at the finish line (Malcolm and I just had  the thought for you to bring us some clean clothes at the finish line- we are happy for the clothes to be oversized and uncool).

Thinking cool thoughts!!


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