Stage Four (Sahara)

Mahhhh…. I am writing this blog a few hours after I read all of your lovely messages and it was the nicest thing to come into after 38kms.

I want to say congratulations to Cheets for the arrival of his first daughter Kitty Jane. So excited for you Cheets and hope to meet her one day soon.

Day four is over which means the long day is tomorrow. I am feeling suitably nervous about the 96km stage.. The potential for so many things to go wrong is huge. Today’s stage went through with minimal dramas and I headed off with the same crew – Malcolm, Dave & Maghnus. The first section was pretty tough as there was no wind to break up the heat and by 8:30am it was already 41degrees. It was a serious sweat box and the lack of wind meant I was able to smell how truly putrid I have become. We climbed up some big dunes and I was very relieved to feel the wind pick up when we reached the top. One of our crew had a knee issue about 20kms in so he went back to the docs to get some pain killers. We were worried about him as we progressed to the next checkpoint and were amazed when he caught up to us 70minutes later. My own knee started to play up a little towards the end but nothing like it was in Gobi. I’m sure it will flare up tomorrow but I feel confident that I will be able to pull through the stage even if im in excruciating pain. I have rolled out the toight legs on a tennis ball and a filled water bottle-  hoping I can have enough bounce in the legs to get me through in under 20hours.

The tent banter is getting to the point where we are dreaming about our first meal out of the desert. Malcolm is desperate for a burger and Ed just needs to eat something as he has probably lost 5kgs. When we arrived back into camp tonight Malcolm discovered that he had been wearing Ryan’s shorts & vice versa during the race today. Quite disturbing as they are not wearing underwear underneath their shorts- hygiene is not top notch and I’m embracing the hand sanitizer whenever I get the chance. Everyone is trying to strategies for tomorrow – “do the first 30kms hard, walk during the heat of the day, start running when the sun goes down”, “cook up noodles tonight to eat on the run, go slow and steady and not stop at any checkpoints”…. its never ending & im sure it will all get thrown into the air and it will just be about survival.

The female grandslammers are still all in the mix and I am constantly in awe of Lucy who comes in late each night due to her poor knee and is shiny as a new button in the morning. Linda had some feet issues yesterday but was in great form today. Still feeling the absence of Ricky and wish he was here for the long day.

Came in equal 22nd today and fourth female in.  And luckily still no blisters.

Thanks to the advice of Rob James- been smashing the calories and resting ever since I came in 🙂

Love to my Gobi tent mates- Hugh, Dreamboat, Nick, Jimbo and Finn. Your messages are fabulous and I love it that your following the race. Sambot is trudging along, eating up a spag bol every morning and has become an RTP pro.

Thinking cool thoughts and hoping for an early and deep sleep.



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