Emerging out of the study hole

Gahhh…. It has been three months since the completion of the Last Desert and my lack of blogging certainly has plenty to do with how chaotic life has been. I returned home to sunny Sydney after a two-week jaunt in snowy New York. I quickly crashed down from the euphoria of the experience when I realised I had to teach myself an entire’s semester of trust law for an exam I had deferred to January – as it conflicted with the race in Antarctica.  On top of this Daniel and I were also moving down from Sydney to Melbourne, giving ourselves a short window of time before Dr Dan started work. We decided to move our worldly possessions ourselves as opposed to enlisting the help of overpriced removalists. And so began the 10-hour journey where Daniel drove his overheating/ big beast “Vince” the Volvo – filled to the brim with our bed, mattress, more adventure stuff than one can imagine & our book shelves.  I drove behind Vince in “Gwen” the honda civic, similarly filled with snowboards – surfboard- copious med & law textbooks, clothing & kitchen garb. Somehow we managed to make it down in one piece. Poor Vince  has certainly  seen better days & is on his last legs.

I am sure all runners have times when they struggle to find that balance between training&racing and everything else in your life.  Sometimes you can fit it all in perfectly and you feel blessed that you are able to train hard whilst working hard and being there for your family and friends. Other times, like January was for me, you get sick and the ability to multi-task and be the master of all your domains seems impossible.  Needless to say January was not very fun and if I wasn’t studying, I was feeling guilty for not studying and I am sure I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around… Now that January 24th has passed and my exams are over I wonder what I could do in the future to make periods like this more manageable…. I definitely took the all and nothing approach – all of study and nothing of anything else… It meant I didn’t run or see my friends = which made me more stressed and anxious about needing to perform well on exam day. This is a feeling many of my law friends could probably relate to. On the flip side I have also realised that you cannot always fit in the long runs and desired training schedule because there are other important things in life. January was to be about study as I had a year of phenomenal races and amazing travel.  Things also happen for a reason and I think my body was crying out for some rest after the strain i put it under in 2010.  Mahhh you can tell I am a Libran striving for eternal balance whilst wanting to do ten billion things at once…

February has begun and if I wasn’t already there, I have newfound perspective with the impact that Mother Nature has had upon so many Australians. This time of year is normally linked to droughts and bushfires but over the past two months Queenslanders have faced the brunt of intense flooding and then cyclone Yassi. Rural and recently metropolitan Victoria has also dealt with flash flooding.  Communities are working together on the mammoth clean up task but it will take a long time to rebuild what has been lost. This certainly puts my anxieties of searching for the perfect rental property into perspective.

As a final thought in this blog is to my friend Miss Amy Barber. Barbs is swimming to Rottnest Island on the 26th of Feb to raise money for Charlotte to study in the United States. Charlotte is a survivor of human trafficking and was held as a sex slave for 8 years by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda.  Amy met Charlotte when she was working for the UN in Geneva last year and has worked tirelessly to allow Charlotte to continue her studies. I encourage people to jump on the website to read more about this story-  http://helpcharlotte.terapad.com


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