Stage 5 (Sahara)

This is going to have to be a quick email. I didnt get the memo that the cyber tent was shutting at 3pm and have been avoiding entering into here because it is so hot. The long day over and it went through with minimal dramas, which is a huge blessing. As you plod through the kms you keep waiting to hit a wall where you are going to struggle to move on. It was pretty hot but we had a nice breeze, which provided some relief, but it is pretty unbareable right now as we are awaiting the final competitor to come through.

I will send a long blog about the long day when I get into Cairo but I wanted to say I am safe & sound. The body is having a little melt down and my legs resemble elephant’s legs but what can you really expect after 248kms of racing through the hottest desert in the world.

I ended up placing 24th yesterday with one of my tent mates and Lisa Tamati. We did the whole day together and it was lovely to come in with them.

Love and thanks to everyone for supporting me.



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