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Badwater Ultramarathon – #teamcath

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Taking part in an event like Badwater reminds me of my performing arts days when I was in dress rehearsal and performance week for a show. Both of these experiences are like entering into a cocoon where you interact very little with those outside of that experience, and it feels like your whole world revolves around the preparation for that show or race. It is utterly consuming and your focus and commitment are at an all time high.…

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From London to Lights to Lakes to Nice

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I woke up at 7pm tonight and I was in a complete daze. I couldn’t remember where I was but I knew I was somewhere in public and I was hoping my clothes were on. As I looked around it came back to me, I am in Nice and I have just watched the time trial of the Tour de France where the Aussie team Orica-GreenEdge dominated. Yes, that’s right,  I had made my way to the rocky beach afterwards and fell asleep in the sun (and I did have my clothes on when I checked).…

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Change is as good as a holiday – but I am taking the holiday AND the change..

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When I was in primary school and my teacher asked the class “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was either “a lawyer or an actor”. When I had that same opinion in the later years of high school my Dad (the engineer/accountant/businessman) would tease me and say “being an actor or a lawyer are virtually the same thing”. Despite my Dad’s jest, I pursued both of these career paths through to university where I studied a double bachelors degree in Performing Arts and Law.…

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League of Extraordinary Women | How stressed are you today?

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Over the past year I have had the delight to be the National Crusader for the League of Extraordinary Women (the League). It sounds like a grand title for an even grander organisation and what the League is achieving in the space of motivating and mentoring female entrepreneurs (particularly young females) is incredible. I feel honoured to be a part of the League whose mission is to create a ‘real opportunity for women to get together to be inspired, empowered and to create long last relationships.’

LEAGUE - banner

The four founders, the State Crusaders and myself each take turns writing blogs each week and there is a great resource of material accumulating.…

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How do you recover?

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The race season is in full force and most weekends are now packed with great adventures all across Australia and New Zealand. Just over the past few weekends, trail and ultra runners have had the choice of running at the inaugural Brooks Mount Baw Baw Trail Run Fest, Six Foot Track Marathon, Tarawera Ultra Marathon, Roller Coaster Run, Alpine Challenge– to just name a few. Gone are the days when these events were few and far between!!…

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Brooks Trail Run Fest | Mount Baw Baw

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After a big month of work I had been desperately looking forward to escaping to the mountains as a chance to relax and breathe in some fresh air. I had become a wound up ball of stress and I was struggling to find perspective and unwind each night when I came home from work. My patient, loving and supportive fiance (Dr Dan) watched as I furiously packed my gear after flying back from Sydney and commented that this weekend away was exactly what the Doctor ordered.…

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No finish line

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A piece by Charlie Syme… 

I had the delightful opportunity to work with good friend Charlie Syme in a video he put together for the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In my few short years of ultra running, I have been fortunate to travel and run in some unique location.

I have met beautiful people from many walks of life.

I have learnt the boundaries of my physical capabilities whilst constantly realising my mental capacity is as far as I want it to be.

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Mount Baw Baw Trail Run Festival

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I have a new favourite trail running location in Victoria. Two weekends ago, Daniel and I went to Mount Baw Baw for the First Series of ‘Seasons of Pain’. It is a mountain bike/trail running race, which for the first race of the series, attracted an impressive field of adventure athletes from Australia and overseas. After a busy week at work, Dan and I decided to do the race as a team, with me doing the two run legs, Daniel the two bike legs and we would run the final 1.5 uphill section together.…

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My response to girls aged 14 -16 entering SCC (100km solo)

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The news that eight 14-16 year old girls have entered the 100km Surf Coast Century event this weekend has sparked a lot of debate and concern in the ultra running community. These girls have entered the race as solo runners but have said they will predominately be walking the distance and plan to stick together as a group. From my investigations their school hasn’t supported their decision to embark on this challenging course over a grueling distance that can never be underestimated.…

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