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Questioning how “crazy busy” I make myself.

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Something about this Melbourne winter has been challenging. The days seem darker, the air has been bone-chilling cold and my energy has been periodically flatter. I am juggling a few more balls in the air than normal and my days are often excessively long simply to keep those balls from dropping on the ground.

I read an article that was posted on my friend’s facebook wall the other day called “The Busy Trap’.…

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Crossing the Simpson

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Last week I launched the website for my July expedition “Crossing the Simpson” I couldn’t be luckier to have the creative talents of Nic Davidson from Bushy Creative once again collaborating with me on this project.

For those who don’t know I am attempting to run non-stop for approximately 379kms across the Simpson Desert. I will be following the route that legendary Australian ultra runner Pat Farmer ran when he crossed the Simpson in 1996 and 1998.…

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Ultra168: Editorial Board Member & Female Perspective Writer

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They are four lads from Sydney whose love for all things ultra running prompted them to set up in June 2011.  For the last eight months I have spent several hours reading their articles, interviewsgear review  and race reports as a procrastination from study and as an inspiration to push harder in my training sessions.  I was going to blame the lads if I failed my last law exam but luckily it never came to that! …

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In Cambodia with Zest

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Greetings from Cambodia,

After a fantastic two weeks speaking all throughout Australia for the AFA GenXt Roadshow (Australian Financial Advisers Association) I now find myself in Cambodia’s capital and largest city Phnom Penh.

A few months ago I met a rather inspiring lady called Liz Atkinson who is the Managing Director of Zest Marketing Concepts and one of the founders of the League of Extraordinary Women (LOEW).  I was invited to speak at LOEW’s first event in Melbourne and it was here that I heard Liz’s own story and was pretty blown away. …

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Bogong2Hotham Race Report

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“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm ” ~Willa Cather

Bogong to Hotham (B2H) is a gnarly race and although it is only 64kms in length it is boasted to be one of Australia’s hardest trail races. For anyone who has ever taken part in an event organised by Andy Hewat they will know how meticulous he is to detail and safety. This race is no different, the B2H field is capped at 100 competitors with each competitor needing to fulfill the qualifying criteria of a successful completion of an ultra in the past 12 months of ‘sufficient’ difficulty/ baseline requirement is 6ft track in 6hrs).…

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End of a Big Year & Thoughts on Multistage Racing

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Back to life in Australia and boy has the past few weeks reminded me how good a Melbourne summer can be! 2011 has been a biggie – completing my law degree, pushing the boundaries even further with my running and the clogs have constantly been churning on how to make a positive impact through the opportunities I have had and will continue to create.

After several months of travelling and completing RacingThePlanet’s roving race in Nepal, my body is in a bit of shock after a constant change of time zones and never ending flights.…

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RTP Nepal: Stage 5 (long march)

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We climbed up and up, powered across and soared down (repeat x 3). It was a fantastic day for me and I am super happy with how everything turned out. I was quite anxious the night before the long march but as I stood on the start line I reminded myself that the most important thing was to enjoy myself, be in the moment and just do my best.

We all went out at a decent pace for the first km as we knew we had a super steep stair climb coming up which would have everyone in single file.…

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