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Stage 5 (Atacama Crossing)

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WOW!! The long stage is over and it is less than two hours before we do the final 10kms.

I know I have used the word “epic” several times to describe this race but I think it is quite an appropriate word right now for the 74kms we did yesterday. We set off yesterday at 7:30 and I was feeling rather emotional as I was on the starting line. I hadn’t slept so well and was still struggling to get food down.…

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Stage 4 (Atacama Crossing)

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Ahhh big thank you for all of the great messages from everyone. It puts such a dile to my smile when i read them. Today was a good day. I completed the infamous salt flat stages in decent time- 8 hour 40 (approx) coming in about 51st. A stack of people have been pulled off the course and our lovely tent mate Diego pulled out this morning before we headed off.…

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Stage 3 (Atacama Crossing)

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I am writing this blog exhausted and a little worse for wear. If you look at the times for today I had a pretty good day (equal fourth or fifth female across the line) but I ended the final stage vomiting, dehydrated and a little delirious. I wasn’t able to eat my dinner last night, it is really difficult to get the dehydrated meals down and I am finding that high salt snacks are the easiest things to consume (this means salt and vinegar chips crushed up).…

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Stage 2 (Atacama Crossing)

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Day two was filled with river crossings, massive sand dunes and long crusty flat sections (that  seemed to go on forever).

It was 42.4kms today, just a little over a marathon. I woke with my legs feeling good and with a decent sleep i was looking forward to heading out on the course. I decided the night before to run with Andrea from the United States as she finished in a few minutes before me the previous day.…

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Stage 1 (Atacama Crossing)

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Wow, the first day was tougher than I thought. Luckily most of the other competitors thought so as well. The 35kms were broken into four checkpoints and at each checkpoint we were given another 1.5litres of water.

I woke up at 5:15am not able to sleep any longer as I was pretty nervous about the race starting (thinking of you Sandy as you will be the earliest of risers when you do the Sahara).…

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