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Strength and Suffering in the Headlights 

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A baptism of darkness and rain for the start of my running legs.

Not long after my jaunt on Survivor and trip to the United States I found myself physically unprepared but mentally willing to begin the Sub Three Project. In fact, I had only landed in Adelaide from a road trip down California less than 18 hours earlier. Normally jetlag would be a major concern before embarking on an endurance feat, but time zones were irrelevant as the project was a non-stop 800km relay from Adelaide to Melbourne.…

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Badwater Ultramarathon – #teamcath

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Taking part in an event like Badwater reminds me of my performing arts days when I was in dress rehearsal and performance week for a show. Both of these experiences are like entering into a cocoon where you interact very little with those outside of that experience, and it feels like your whole world revolves around the preparation for that show or race. It is utterly consuming and your focus and commitment are at an all time high.…

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No finish line

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A piece by Charlie Syme… 

I had the delightful opportunity to work with good friend Charlie Syme in a video he put together for the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In my few short years of ultra running, I have been fortunate to travel and run in some unique location.

I have met beautiful people from many walks of life.

I have learnt the boundaries of my physical capabilities whilst constantly realising my mental capacity is as far as I want it to be.

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Angling for A Cure

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I fly out to Cairo in seven sleeps and just capped off the weekend with the Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon event. The idea of running on road was not so appealing but the race had competitors cross the Harbour Bridge, through the city and finish at the Sydney Opera House. The course even went past the apartment I live in and I felt tempted to duck into our bathroom, as the queues for the port-a-loos were ridiculous at the start line.

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From Gobi into Sahara

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Hello Friends,

Well finishing the Gobi March has me half way to achieving my goal of completing the FourDesert Series this year. I returned to Australia from China pretty exhausted with pain in my right knee that had me limping and whincing for a few weeks once I got back. Injury and exhaustion has forced me to approach The Sahara Race slightly different. I have embraced deep water running, bikram yoga and swimming and I am ready to gear up for a big few weeks before I fly to Cairo on the 26th.…

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Positivity/Gear List

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So there is less than four weeks until the race begins and I nearly forgot all of the time and effort that is needed to organise ones gear and equipment. I became quite obsessive with my gear in the final month leading up to Atacama. I think I found a new love for ziplock bags & embraced the challenge of being able to make freezedried food as small as possible.…

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Reason for racing

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In a rather unexpected decision I have decided to fly to China and take on another 250km challenge. My cousin Laura was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and i feel this is my chance to raise some needy funds towards the Royal Children’s Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust (RCCFRT). CF is the most common life-threatening inherited disease in Australia. It is a disorder that severely affects lung function and digestion. 1 in 2500 children have the disease and 1 in 25 people are carriers of the CF gene.…

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