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How do you recover?

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The race season is in full force and most weekends are now packed with great adventures all across Australia and New Zealand. Just over the past few weekends, trail and ultra runners have had the choice of running at the inaugural Brooks Mount Baw Baw Trail Run Fest, Six Foot Track Marathon, Tarawera Ultra Marathon, Roller Coaster Run, Alpine Challenge– to just name a few. Gone are the days when these events were few and far between!!…

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A weak butt BUT an amazing week

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I have been back in Melbourne for less than 48hours after a whirlwind trip to the States and New Zealand. Despite the short trip it feels bizarre to be suited back into corporate attire and sitting behind a computer. The two reasons for my trip were to attend the Juice Plus+ Leadership conference in Long Beach and to provide assistance to Lisa Tamati in the inaugural Northburn100 event, in which I also planned to run the 100km course.

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From Gobi into Sahara

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Hello Friends,

Well finishing the Gobi March has me half way to achieving my goal of completing the FourDesert Series this year. I returned to Australia from China pretty exhausted with pain in my right knee that had me limping and whincing for a few weeks once I got back. Injury and exhaustion has forced me to approach The Sahara Race slightly different. I have embraced deep water running, bikram yoga and swimming and I am ready to gear up for a big few weeks before I fly to Cairo on the 26th.…

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It’s over (Gobi March)

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The Gobi March is over and it will be a race that I will never forget. It contained all of the elements I expected a desert ultra marathon to have- breathtaking scenery, epic sand dunes, harsh weather conditions on both spectrums, emotional breakdowns, personal victories and the truest display of community and team spirit. One thing I did not expect and am heartbroken to write is that Nick, aged 31, lost his life after collapsing on day 4 in the canyons.…

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Stage 5 (Gobi March)

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Hello my dear friends.

Your blog comments and emails are a true lift to my spirit!! I have completed the 100km stage and have reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. After i wrote my last blog (on stage four) horror and devastation hit the camp as competitors were stuck in the canyon dehydrated and in a very poor state. All of the competitors who were at camp were in a frenzy of fear as we received news that a man had curled into a corner.…

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Stage 4 (Gobi March)

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So much has happened over the past 18hours it is hard to know where to start. I really hit struggleville last night with the rest of my tent mates as we were camped outside the village and were unable to sleep due to the thousands of flies that were buzzing past us and the goat that made goat noises all night. We were woken up at 2:45am and I sleepily tried to pack my bag but was in a tizz about the throbbing pain that was consuming my knee.…

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Stage 3 (Gobi March)

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It is 3:18pm and I have had a few hours rest after the 32km stage. The field was INCREDIBLY fast today as it was a true runners course. The lead guy Dan completed the day in approx two hours and fifteen minutes- unbelievable. The first section was very rocky terrain and we went through a few river crossings. The water was cold and muddy and it reached high up to my thighs.…

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Stage 1 (Atacama Crossing)

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Wow, the first day was tougher than I thought. Luckily most of the other competitors thought so as well. The 35kms were broken into four checkpoints and at each checkpoint we were given another 1.5litres of water.

I woke up at 5:15am not able to sleep any longer as I was pretty nervous about the race starting (thinking of you Sandy as you will be the earliest of risers when you do the Sahara).…

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