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NF100, silly hats, tax and smiles.

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I am living in countdown phase at the moment.

  • 1 week till I fly to Perth for the Australian Juice Plus conference = woot
  • 3 weeks until law exams = boo hiss
  • 6 weeks until I fly to Malaysia with my bestie Catherine to finish our final law subjects off = lockdown mode
  • 11 weeks till I fly to India for La Ultra: The High acclimatisation = trepidation
  • 12.5 weeks till La Ultra race = hold onto my breath (literally)
  • 16 weeks till my final law exams for EVER = phew
  • 18 weeks till UK and USA Juice Plus tour = excitement plus
  • 22 weeks to NYC marathon = too far into the future
  • 24 weeks till RacingthePlanet Nepal = seems a million years away

Yes, I am definitely nutty for thinking I could fit this much into a year and the feet and mouth are working in overdrive to make it happen.

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A weak butt BUT an amazing week

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I have been back in Melbourne for less than 48hours after a whirlwind trip to the States and New Zealand. Despite the short trip it feels bizarre to be suited back into corporate attire and sitting behind a computer. The two reasons for my trip were to attend the Juice Plus+ Leadership conference in Long Beach and to provide assistance to Lisa Tamati in the inaugural Northburn100 event, in which I also planned to run the 100km course.

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