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End of a Big Year & Thoughts on Multistage Racing

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Back to life in Australia and boy has the past few weeks reminded me how good a Melbourne summer can be! 2011 has been a biggie – completing my law degree, pushing the boundaries even further with my running and the clogs have constantly been churning on how to make a positive impact through the opportunities I have had and will continue to create.

After several months of travelling and completing RacingThePlanet’s roving race in Nepal, my body is in a bit of shock after a constant change of time zones and never ending flights.…

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RTP Nepal: Stage 4

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Mahhh – thank you for all of your comments they are exactly what I needed today.

Music is playing, kids are laughing and we are sleeping in guest houses tonight after eating real food. Yes we are still doing a RacingThePlanet event but things definitely feel somewhat different. The Italians were drinking beers, the Americans were eating potato chips and Samantha ate her noodles and sculled her Ascend Protein shake.…

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RTP Nepal: Stage 3

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We are at the most amazing campsite right now after climbing 650 metres in 4kms. It was a tough way to finish the 38km stage but it was nice to get off the jeep track that we were on for most of the day. Today was a good day for me and I managed to finish 1st women and I think 16th overall – completing the stage just shy of five hours.…

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RPT Nepal: Stage 2

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Distance – 32kms

Elevation gain –  1,364 m

Elevation loss – 1,579 m

Finished – 13th overall and 2nd female

Just finished a big 32kms in the mountains for stage two.  I see that you guys haven’t seen my first blog yet but have probably heard from the breaking news updates that a significant portion of the field is battling with diarrhea and sick stomachs (or as Eric LaHaie calls it – “mud butt”).…

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RTP Nepal: Stage 1

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STAGE ONE – Getting lost but having a blast doing it.

Hello Family and Friends.

Stage one is over and it was pretty tough going but the sun was out the whole way and I was able to squeeze a look at some spectacular views whilst keeping my eyes firmly on the ground. Just to get the stats of the day out of the way
Distance: 28kms
Elevation gain: 1,306 meters
Elevation loss: 1, 387 meters
Rated: moderate to difficult
Placed: 19th overall, 2nd female

I had a pretty decent sleep heading into the first night except our tents are pretty dodgy.…

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Pre-Race: RacingThePlanet (Nepal)

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Nature is an unpredictable beast. I’ve been in Pokhara (Nepal) for seven days now & have yet to sight the beautiful Annapurnas. A thick fog has descended over the mountains & the town for the past 10days – visibility has been minimal, weather bone chilling once over 2000 metres & persistent rain As a soon to be competitor in a 250km event in this region I am understandably nervous about running for six days in these conditions.…

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