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Live Life To The Plus Tour – whilst training, eating, drinking and sleeping

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Juice Plus+ Tour 

I am about to board my seventh flight in the past nine days….And no I am not doing it this to rack up airline points, which is maybe something I should look into. I am also not doing it to enjoy the pat down searches by the lovely US airline security staff , I am on a whirlwind speaking tour of the United States for Juice Plus+ .…

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Stage 2 (Antarctica)

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We are quickly realising that you need to expect the unexpected in this race and to be too locked into a plan/schedule is going to be a detriment. After I wrote my blog last night I had dinner and then went downstairs to sew my ripped gaiters. My shoes were pretty wet so I did a sneaky convoy mission and sweet talked one of the boat staff to put my shoes in the engine room to dry.

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Stage 5 (Gobi March)

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Hello my dear friends.

Your blog comments and emails are a true lift to my spirit!! I have completed the 100km stage and have reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. After i wrote my last blog (on stage four) horror and devastation hit the camp as competitors were stuck in the canyon dehydrated and in a very poor state. All of the competitors who were at camp were in a frenzy of fear as we received news that a man had curled into a corner.…

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Stage 4 (Gobi March)

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So much has happened over the past 18hours it is hard to know where to start. I really hit struggleville last night with the rest of my tent mates as we were camped outside the village and were unable to sleep due to the thousands of flies that were buzzing past us and the goat that made goat noises all night. We were woken up at 2:45am and I sleepily tried to pack my bag but was in a tizz about the throbbing pain that was consuming my knee.…

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Positivity/Gear List

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So there is less than four weeks until the race begins and I nearly forgot all of the time and effort that is needed to organise ones gear and equipment. I became quite obsessive with my gear in the final month leading up to Atacama. I think I found a new love for ziplock bags & embraced the challenge of being able to make freezedried food as small as possible.…

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Stage 4 (Atacama Crossing)

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Ahhh big thank you for all of the great messages from everyone. It puts such a dile to my smile when i read them. Today was a good day. I completed the infamous salt flat stages in decent time- 8 hour 40 (approx) coming in about 51st. A stack of people have been pulled off the course and our lovely tent mate Diego pulled out this morning before we headed off.…

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