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RTP Nepal: Stage 1

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STAGE ONE – Getting lost but having a blast doing it.

Hello Family and Friends.

Stage one is over and it was pretty tough going but the sun was out the whole way and I was able to squeeze a look at some spectacular views whilst keeping my eyes firmly on the ground. Just to get the stats of the day out of the way
Distance: 28kms
Elevation gain: 1,306 meters
Elevation loss: 1, 387 meters
Rated: moderate to difficult
Placed: 19th overall, 2nd female

I had a pretty decent sleep heading into the first night except our tents are pretty dodgy.…

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Pre-Race: RacingThePlanet (Nepal)

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Nature is an unpredictable beast. I’ve been in Pokhara (Nepal) for seven days now & have yet to sight the beautiful Annapurnas. A thick fog has descended over the mountains & the town for the past 10days – visibility has been minimal, weather bone chilling once over 2000 metres & persistent rain As a soon to be competitor in a 250km event in this region I am understandably nervous about running for six days in these conditions.…

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Live Life To The Plus Tour – whilst training, eating, drinking and sleeping

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Juice Plus+ Tour 

I am about to board my seventh flight in the past nine days….And no I am not doing it this to rack up airline points, which is maybe something I should look into. I am also not doing it to enjoy the pat down searches by the lovely US airline security staff , I am on a whirlwind speaking tour of the United States for Juice Plus+ .…

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Kimberley 100km Ultramarathon – RacingThePlanet

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I know I haven’t published my race report for La Ultra – I promise it is coming.

For those who didn’t know I took part in RacingThePlanet’s 100km ultramarathon in the Kimberley’s on Friday the 2nd. This race was not initially apart of my race calendar but I returned from India quickly recovered and couldn’t resist the temptation to head to Western Australia when I was asked to run on behalf of my chosen charity ‘Nutrition Plus’.…

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NF100, silly hats, tax and smiles.

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I am living in countdown phase at the moment.

  • 1 week till I fly to Perth for the Australian Juice Plus conference = woot
  • 3 weeks until law exams = boo hiss
  • 6 weeks until I fly to Malaysia with my bestie Catherine to finish our final law subjects off = lockdown mode
  • 11 weeks till I fly to India for La Ultra: The High acclimatisation = trepidation
  • 12.5 weeks till La Ultra race = hold onto my breath (literally)
  • 16 weeks till my final law exams for EVER = phew
  • 18 weeks till UK and USA Juice Plus tour = excitement plus
  • 22 weeks to NYC marathon = too far into the future
  • 24 weeks till RacingthePlanet Nepal = seems a million years away

Yes, I am definitely nutty for thinking I could fit this much into a year and the feet and mouth are working in overdrive to make it happen.

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A weak butt BUT an amazing week

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I have been back in Melbourne for less than 48hours after a whirlwind trip to the States and New Zealand. Despite the short trip it feels bizarre to be suited back into corporate attire and sitting behind a computer. The two reasons for my trip were to attend the Juice Plus+ Leadership conference in Long Beach and to provide assistance to Lisa Tamati in the inaugural Northburn100 event, in which I also planned to run the 100km course.

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Race Schedule (from CA)

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I am back in the States baby!!! Rocked into California yesterday for the Juice Plus+ conference in Long Beach but having a few cheeky days in San Francisco beforehand with Jennifer Steinman (Director of the Desert Runners Movie), Melissa & Andrea (great friends who I met during the Atacama Crossing last year).  Pretty excited for the conference as I will be reconnecting with Ricky Paugh, Lisa Tamati and Dave O’Brien who I spent some pretty crazy moments with last year whilst completing the Four Deserts Grand Slam. 

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Stage 4 (Antarctica) Deep snow, lil legs

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Well the race of all races is over and I am a little dazed & unsure where to start. That being said I will attempt to summarise the magic of today and how I am feeling now that I have completed the Grandslam. Quick note there is the potential that I maybe gushy, emotional and a little dramatic in this blog – I am feeling the combination of a runners high on rocky sea legs.

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Stage 3 (Antarctica) ‘help from a friend’

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I am writing this blog from a very exhausted yet exhilarated state. I definitely cannot guarantee there will be a coherent line of thought expressed. I have just completed a 11 hour stage where I managed to complete 75kms. The greatest mileage covered was by the amazing Ryan Sandes who pumped out 100kms. Followed by Paolo (Italy) who completed 82.50. The least amount covered today was45kms.

You may have read from my last blog that we were meant to go out in the afternoon for a second attempt to run some kms.

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Stage 2 (Antarctica)

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We are quickly realising that you need to expect the unexpected in this race and to be too locked into a plan/schedule is going to be a detriment. After I wrote my blog last night I had dinner and then went downstairs to sew my ripped gaiters. My shoes were pretty wet so I did a sneaky convoy mission and sweet talked one of the boat staff to put my shoes in the engine room to dry.

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