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Article by Willow & Blake

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 Good things come in small packages 10.10.11

Willow & Blake is the collaboration of an undisclosed amount of individuals.
We are a full service writing agency, this is our blog.
Some people exist and others live. We seek those who know the difference; their stories deserve to be told.
If you like what you’ve been reading, perhaps you’d like us to write for you. Contact us via esoteric.
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The Weekly Review – ‘The Amazing Racer’

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The amazing racer: 2/7/2011 (Francesca Carter)

Samantha Gash was into the toughest leg of an ultra-marathon race when disaster struck. The pain in her right knee had increased and she lost her sunglasses, a necessity when you’re running in the sands of the Gobi Desert in China. She was exhausted, dehydrated and lost, thanks to some local village children who had stolen the flags that guided competitors around the course.…

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