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How do you recover?

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The race season is in full force and most weekends are now packed with great adventures all across Australia and New Zealand. Just over the past few weekends, trail and ultra runners have had the choice of running at the inaugural Brooks Mount Baw Baw Trail Run Fest, Six Foot Track Marathon, Tarawera Ultra Marathon, Roller Coaster Run, Alpine Challenge– to just name a few. Gone are the days when these events were few and far between!!…

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Pre-Race: RacingThePlanet (Nepal)

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Nature is an unpredictable beast. I’ve been in Pokhara (Nepal) for seven days now & have yet to sight the beautiful Annapurnas. A thick fog has descended over the mountains & the town for the past 10days – visibility has been minimal, weather bone chilling once over 2000 metres & persistent rain As a soon to be competitor in a 250km event in this region I am understandably nervous about running for six days in these conditions.…

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Live Life To The Plus Tour – whilst training, eating, drinking and sleeping

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Juice Plus+ Tour 

I am about to board my seventh flight in the past nine days….And no I am not doing it this to rack up airline points, which is maybe something I should look into. I am also not doing it to enjoy the pat down searches by the lovely US airline security staff , I am on a whirlwind speaking tour of the United States for Juice Plus+ .…

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Bodyology – leading into my final major race for 2011

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My final major race for the year is in November and as I start to switch my focus onto training up for it I thought it was about time I revealed the specifics about my 2011 secret weapon – or not so secret anymore. Over the past four months I have been trained by the boys from Bodyology Physical Performance Solutions.The guys are dynamic, scientifically driven and most importantly know their stuff.…

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Ready to leave Malaysia..

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Haroo Friends.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur over three weeks ago for of an intensive study of my final three law subjects. I should have known that when the course was titled “intensive” it would be nothing short of that. I have classes for approximately 8-10hours a day and to make matters more “intensified” I am attempting to cram in my studies into a month as opposed to the allotted 7 weeks.…

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Race Schedule (from CA)

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I am back in the States baby!!! Rocked into California yesterday for the Juice Plus+ conference in Long Beach but having a few cheeky days in San Francisco beforehand with Jennifer Steinman (Director of the Desert Runners Movie), Melissa & Andrea (great friends who I met during the Atacama Crossing last year).  Pretty excited for the conference as I will be reconnecting with Ricky Paugh, Lisa Tamati and Dave O’Brien who I spent some pretty crazy moments with last year whilst completing the Four Deserts Grand Slam. 

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Yes I am using poles

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Just a little over 5 weeks until I make the long journey to Cairo. The reality of another desert adventure just around the corner has me very excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I feel like I am slightly underprepared for this race as I have been focusing on the tenbillion other things going on in my life. However it is always in the back of my mind and last night I had a dream that we were just about to start a stage and I hadn’t packed my pack.…

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From Gobi into Sahara

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Hello Friends,

Well finishing the Gobi March has me half way to achieving my goal of completing the FourDesert Series this year. I returned to Australia from China pretty exhausted with pain in my right knee that had me limping and whincing for a few weeks once I got back. Injury and exhaustion has forced me to approach The Sahara Race slightly different. I have embraced deep water running, bikram yoga and swimming and I am ready to gear up for a big few weeks before I fly to Cairo on the 26th.…

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Positivity/Gear List

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So there is less than four weeks until the race begins and I nearly forgot all of the time and effort that is needed to organise ones gear and equipment. I became quite obsessive with my gear in the final month leading up to Atacama. I think I found a new love for ziplock bags & embraced the challenge of being able to make freezedried food as small as possible.…

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