Samantha has the unique ability to move an audience with her extraordinary journey. Authentic. Personable. Empowering. Samantha’s heart felt story brings audiences on a journey of transformation, humanity and incredible will power

Samantha has inspired and empowered audiences with her impactful story. Sam’s presentation is interspersed with dramatic film footage and imagery, helping to convey the following messages:

  • Passion, purpose and process
  • A story about life, beyond the comfort zone
  • Resilience and Mindfulness
  • Successful Teams – Building and Leading a Highly Functional Team
  • Strategic Vulnerability – Real Leadership
  • Risk Management and Planning
  • Women Succeeding in a Male Dominated Arena



‘’Samantha, I was so proud to hear how you touched peoples lives, so much so that we took a collection around the room and raised $600 for your cause – Freedom Runners’’
– AMP | Strategy & Transformation Group

‘’Samantha Gash has no problem with the spoken word. It’s not often that we hear something that is so powerful that it makes us go home that night and write an article about the speaker. Sam made us listen, and she encouraged us to change something small in our lives. Whether you can relate to her story or not is irrelevant. With a huge voice that pales in comparison her tiny stature, this girl makes you want to take hold of life, and run with it.’’
– Willow & Blake

“When you read about her accomplishments you may think Samantha Gash is a super hero! However when you hear her speak you realise that she is a mere mortal. Personable, passionate, authentic and motivating Samantha leaves everyone in the room feeling that no matter who they are they can make a difference. I highly recommend Samantha as a speaker if you want your audience to be awakened to what is possible.”
– Kemi Nekvapil | Speaker and Wellness Coach

“I recently had the pleasure of listening to Samantha speak at a financial services industry function and found her to be thoroughly engaging. It is very refreshing to hear someone speak so clearly and authentically about taking on extraordinary challenges. Samantha spoke without hesitation about her passion to make a difference and was compelling and inspiring. Her aim to make an impact on women’s lives in Africa while creating employment is at once creative and meaningful. Samantha’s talk did not fail to connect with anyone who understands the importance of young women needing confidence to take opportunity in life…starting with the basics. Her feats, this purpose and the way she connects, means time with Samantha Gash is very worthwhile. “
– Andrew Howard | NAB Asset Management

“Such an inspirational story that brought tears to many people’s eyes. Sam is a great speaker and has an extraordinary story to tell. She spoke about her physical and mental preparation & how she prepared for the unknown and there were many messages and takeaway tips for our people. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam.”

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Samantha Gash on our flagship Business Forum conference. Sam is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that we were very lucky to have on our stage. Sam’s story is amazing and resonated with our audience, many of whom were members in business at the C-suite level. I have never seen so much immediate positive feedback, it left delegates feeling moved and inspired – and most importantly, actionable suggestions – on how to implement these valuable life session in corporate life.“
– Chartered Accountants

“Samantha’s an engaging and entertaining storyteller. Her natural style along with beautiful and confronting images had our team on the edge of their seats.”

“Samantha’s story is authentic, moving and inspirational. Her delivery was heartfelt and honest and had attendees glued to their seats. Samantha’s energy, positivity and passion is infectious and left the audience inspired by what can be achieved with determination, motivation and pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could not go.“
– Bankwest

“Samantha tells an incredible and personal story. Although her physical pursuits have been super-human, her messages to our teams are more about how much of a role the mind plays in setting and achieving goals – whether they be business or personal. She really helped my team put business issues into perspective, and helped them realise that ‘what’ we do as a business, is far less important than ‘why’ we do it.”

“Samantha Gash delivered an inspiring, captivating and emotional presentation to the future leaders of all industries. Her humility and bravery is not only aspirational for all, but she helped our delegates tap into their own bravery rather than have them admire that trait in someone else. It is the fourth time I have seen Samantha present and each time it has been an immense privilege. She was a favourite on the day.”
– Milo-Arne Wilkinson | Program Director – Eleven