Crossing the Simpson

Last week I launched the website for my July expedition “Crossing the Simpson” I couldn’t be luckier to have the creative talents of Nic Davidson from Bushy Creative once again collaborating with me on this project.

For those who don’t know I am attempting to run non-stop for approximately 379kms across the Simpson Desert. I will be following the route that legendary Australian ultra runner Pat Farmer ran when he crossed the Simpson in 1996 and 1998. This route spans the corners of three Australian States – Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland.

Nervous, overwhelmed, stressed and anxious are some of the feelings rushing through my mind and body as I plan for this expedition. For the vast majority of time I am exhilarated and feel so blessed to have created this opportunity. Together with some of my closest friends we will set on an adventure that i have been dreaming to do for some time.

Running and exploring the Simpson Desert has been a challenge on my radar even before I started running long distance races. In fact it was during my time when I was volunteering in the community of Docker River that I developed a true appreciation for the Australian outback. Docker River is 670kms southwest of Alice Springs via Uluru and is only 7kms east from the Western Australian border. This was where I started to training for my first ultramarathon which was set in Chile and in some ways it was also my first experience of trail running and I LOVED it. There the terrain consisted of rocky surfaces, spiky grass, dried up river beds, long soft sandy sections and harsh sun which relentlessly beamed down on me. For many that sounds unpleasant but I loved getting lost in it for hours at a time.

Beyond the desire to explore Australia’s most iconic desert, I am driven by my goal to raise $69,000 for a project facilitated by Save the Children.

Why $69,000 you may ask and to that I respond GOOD QUESTION!!

I wanted to raise money for a project and a charity that reflected the values that I had. A project that had a grass-roots focus, that revolved around Australian youth and most importantly was increasing education opportunities to those who needed it the most. Save the Children’s mobile Play Scheme vehicle ties in those three concepts which makes me very proud to be partnering with them. Just click on “The Charity” link on my expedition website to find out more details. 

Fundraising is never an easy task but with every donation I have received so far I am fuelled with even more motivation to increase my efforts to raising this sizeable target. This says quite a bit as I felt my motivation was at an all time high before I had one donation.

Big big thanks to all of the support so far and for those who are interested in donating I warmly encourage you to do so through my everyday hero page.

I am having two fundraising events in Melbourne and Sydney. Any donation of $35 or more to Save the Children receives an invitation. We have been fortunate to secure Suntory and Cupcake Central as a sponsor for the night, which means cider or wine will be on offer upon arrival and you can treat yourself to a sweet delight.

We will also be auctioning items during the night and these items will be on display on the expedition website in the week before the events – which means next week so I better get that all organised 😉 Thank you so far to Brooks, Carlton Football Club, Ascend Sports, Running Divas, DCA Dental, Shoes of Prey, Juice Plus, Lorna Jane, Liz Atkinson and Keith Bearne for your auction items.

The details of the Melbourne event are

The details of the Sydney event are 



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