Live Life To The Plus Tour – whilst training, eating, drinking and sleeping

Juice Plus+ Tour 

I am about to board my seventh flight in the past nine days….And no I am not doing it this to rack up airline points, which is maybe something I should look into. I am also not doing it to enjoy the pat down searches by the lovely US airline security staff , I am on a whirlwind speaking tour of the United States for Juice Plus+ .

Juice Plus+ is a fruit and vegetable wholefood product that despite my initial skepticism has become an integral component to my daily nutrition. It is as pure as you can get and after 18 months of injecting my body with a higher dose of fruits and vegetables I feel more confident that I can test the limits of my body due to a stronger immune system. At the end of the day I definitely like to pack heaps into my life and my schedule does not allow me the time to get sick. 

Live Life To The Plus

It all began in London where the Desert Runners team made up of Ricky Paugh, Jennifer Steinman, Dave O’Brien and I spoke at the Juice Plus+ UK annual conference. It was such a buzz being able to reconnect with very close friends who are scattered all over the globe and be able to share our experiences of last year. I was treated with seeing other dear friends that I met through my adventure last year -the ‘inspiring’ Lucy Rivers Bulkeley; the adorable & talented Rossco and Dodsy; and my smelly yet beloved Gobi tent boys (Dreamboat, Jimbo, Hugh and Nick). Whenever and wherever possible I squeezed in a few runs in Hampstead Heath but this trip was a great time to unwind after a hectic couple of months leading up to this trip (i.e. finishing La Ultra and my law degree).
From London it was onto Nashville for the US Juice Plus+ conference. I was honoured to be asked to speak on the opening night with Jason Fowler (an Ironman Champion with the most inspirational story) and Dr David Phillips (stellar athlete, Doctor and very powerful speaker). During the dress rehearsal I was momentarily speechless and anxious when I saw the empty ballroom where we would be speaking that night- it was the biggest room I had ever since and had capacity for close to 6000 people. As nervous as I may have been in that moment when I went out onto the stage I was welcomed with the biggest and brightest smiles you could imagine – how can you feel intimidated by that. Jason and I linked up and spent the weekend getting to speak one on one to many conference attendees. We heard about their goals, their challenges and how they planned to achieve them. A difficult experience to capture into words but it was very inspiring to meet so many healthy and positive people.

From Nashville to NYC I met Jen Steinman and we worked on our speech for our upcoming events. Jen Steinman is the filmmaker for the Desert Runners Movie, which is now set to come out in Spring 2012. An amazing women who has become such a great mentor and friend to me. I suppose after you pee behind a boulder with someone in four different deserts you are bound to each other for life.

Jen inspires me to continue living out my dreams, to be true to yourself and to be fearless in pushing the boundaries. You gotta love the sisterhood!! Clearly she has this impact on many others and her recent fundraising efforts to finish the Desert Runners Movie is testament to this. There are 11 days to become a producer to the Desert Runners Movie by making a pledge – check it out on the kickstarter site.

NYC – Portland –  San Francisco – Orange County – Vegas- Phoenix – Memphis 

So I am nearly half  way through my tour and I am having a blast. Great people, electric energy and what a phenomenal way to be able to experience the United States.

Flying virtually everyday and being this busy can lead to (a) dehydration, (b) skipping training, (c) eating bad food and (d) not sleeping enough. I would say I am doing well on the first three things but need to add an hour or two more sleep each night – we can’t be perfect 😉 It took the first few days to create a workable routine and it does mean I have to be pretty organised.

(a) Dehydration – besides one coffee a day I am drinking water like no tomorrow and maybe the occasional freshly squeezed orange juice (if I can find it). In addition to being on planes all of the time I have also been in the very dry Vegas and Phoenix and therefore I am consciously having to drink more than I normally would. This is actually tough for me as I don’t often feel thirsty but without this approach I wouldn’t be able to train and my skin would definitely start to show the signs of tiredness.

(b) Training – No easy solution to ensuring I find time to train except for making it a priority as soon as I land into a new city. Before I arrive I have already worked out a place to run that will work in with my event that night. So sometimes I have had to find a gym or a relatively nearby trail. In Berkeley I was lucky to train for a few hours on the Berkeley Hills and the Dispea Trail and in Phoenix I was taken to Camelback Mtn for a fantastic cross training session. Today in Memphis I have a running partner who is going to take me for a run before my talk – yes, I am a lucky girl to be looked after so well!! 

I can certainly understand how it would be hard to consistently wake up at 5:30am when you have to be on a 8 or 9am flight but my WHY is strong. I head to Kathmandu straight after my tour for RacingThePlanet’s 155mile/250km multi stage event. Whilst I feel comfortable with the distance and set up I am nervous about the copious stairs that we are to expect all throughout the course.The constant pounding of going up and down stairs – five days in a row, is going to take a beating on the body. I feel this could make getting up each day far more difficult than in the previous multistage races I have done.  I am trying my best to follow my training program created by my coach Ben Griffin (Bodyology Performance Solutions) as this should put me in a good position to cope with this new stress on the body.

(c) Food – Eating bad food on the go may seem like the easiest option but it leaves you feeling sluggish and makes leading a busy lifestyle even more difficult. I always have Ascend Recovery Bars and Juice Plus+ gummy’s in my bag to tied me over if I cannot find a proper salad (and I don’t mean iceberg lettuce & a few tomatoes) or a healthy sandwich. My stable dinner meal has been a piece of grilled salmon and a salad and I am eating quite a bit of fruit during the day. I am not focused on healthy food as a means to “diet”-  I am quasi obsessed with it because what I eat has a direct bearing on my energy levels and mood.

(d)  Sleep – This is currently where I am struggling. I am pretty pepped up after speaking at night and meeting so many fantastic people that I struggle to switch off and get to bed.  Sleep is a crucial factor in recovery and I definitely need to focus on adding some more zzzz time into my day. Maybe a nana nap in the afternoon would be helpful.

I am definitely not perfect in any of these areas but I am loving travelling around the States, meeting fantastic people and finding some unique places and moments to train.

– I will be blogging during my race in Nepal on this link



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  • Mum says:

    Hi Samantha,
    That was a terrific commentory and I feel that I am on top of what you are doing. You are certainly having an amazing time.
    Love Parentals

  • Hey Girl!! it was awesome hearing you speak at the Nashville conference and then meeting you in South Florida!! I hope we can connect in the future and wish you the best of luck with ALL that you do!! As an honorable member of the South Florida Peeps group (lol) I have to say that You’re truly inspiring…xoxo

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