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BCBG The New Guard

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Whilst I was in the States in July I somehow found myself involved in a fashionshoot and all day interview with BCBG for their New Guard Contributor Program. Despite my initial hesitation to spend my limited time in LA playing dess ups indoors, I was pretty blown away with the people I met at BCBG and the questions I was asked to consider.

This video explores why I do what I do and my 2016 project in India with World Vision Australia.…

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No finish line

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A piece by Charlie Syme… 

I had the delightful opportunity to work with good friend Charlie Syme in a video he put together for the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In my few short years of ultra running, I have been fortunate to travel and run in some unique location.

I have met beautiful people from many walks of life.

I have learnt the boundaries of my physical capabilities whilst constantly realising my mental capacity is as far as I want it to be.

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