Ready to leave Malaysia..

Haroo Friends.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur over three weeks ago for of an intensive study of my final three law subjects. I should have known that when the course was titled “intensive” it would be nothing short of that. I have classes for approximately 8-10hours a day and to make matters more “intensified” I am attempting to cram in my studies into a month as opposed to the allotted 7 weeks. I wasn’t the most diligent student last semester and didn’t attend class, as I was overseas, working or running. Soooo this has been quite a shock to the poor system. As difficult as this has been to be away from Dr Dan and dealing with the chaos that is the cab system in Malaysia this enables me to complete my degree, embark on this epic Himalayan adventure and be available to do my Juice Plus+ speaking tour in London and the US in Sept/October = SUCCESS!!

Arrival into Malaysia – altitude dramas

The team at Bodyology arranged for me to take an elite Altitude Training System to Malaysia. I sent the device one day in advanced and locating it once I arrived in KL was fraught with complications. My best friend Catherine was an absolute trooper as I made her accompany me on a 3hour journey in 30degree heat whilst we were dressed in our Winter Melbourne clothing. Verging on dehydration we were dropped off in the middle of a roundabout to lug our combined 60kgs of luggage to a building we now know as cargo customs. I could never have imagined how complicated it would be collecting this 31kg device (R2-D2) as I was ushered to different people to answer questions  & have the device inspected. Everyone seemed to need to sign different paperwork and there was a lot of stamping and faffing about.

I somehow neglected to consider how difficult it would be moving R2-D2 around. Yes it comes with wheels but Malaysia is filled with stairs, crappy pavement and I am not the strongest unit going around. I managed to sweet talk the people at the gym “Celebrity Fitness” into letting me keep it in the managers office whilst Im not using it. They were a little perplexed to begin with but it has become an attraction of the snazzy gym and the Manager often brings people by me as I train with the mask. I am the resident freak!

Training and Class

I am normally a person that sticks to a schedule but I have become even more regimented since being in Malaysia. Every morning I wake at 6am and get taken by the same taxi driver to the gym. I train between 90 to 140minutes before getting my coffee fix and getting another taxi to take me to class. I have class till 6 or 8pm and intermittently I get off my seat to stretch out on my foam roller, eat and splash water on my face to stay awake in class. Afterwards I usually do another training session for a couple of hours before going to the same restaurant for the same meal before passing out on one of the most uncomfortable beds you can imagine. Bzzzzz the alarm goes off and a new day begins.

I spoilt myself to some beautiful trails, lovely food and fabulous company this past weekend when I went to Hong Kong. I linked up with Claire Price who I met during the NF100 earlier this year and she took me through my paces and really pushed the intensity level.

This was my first visit to HK and I absolutely loved it. The weather was pretty brutal as the humidity was over 90% but what was more difficult was the abundance of staircases that I struggled to run down. It was a perfect way to end my training as I was also in much need of some training partners after the isolation of Malaysia.

3 sleeps until I head off to India = simply cannot wait.

Thank you to all of my family, friends and sponsors.

Thinking High

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