RPT Nepal: Stage 2

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Distance – 32kms

Elevation gain –  1,364 m

Elevation loss – 1,579 m

Finished – 13th overall and 2nd female

Just finished a big 32kms in the mountains for stage two.  I see that you guys haven’t seen my first blog yet but have probably heard from the breaking news updates that a significant portion of the field is battling with diarrhea and sick stomachs (or as Eric LaHaie calls it – “mud butt”). Ryan and Gareth are the worst in our tent and both of them had really tough days out on the course today.

We started at 7am and after the cold glacial soak I had last night my legs were feeling strong so I decided to push the first checkpoint. So hard in fact that I was running with the top 6 lads up to the first checkpoint – kinda ridiculous positioning for me but hey I wasn’t feeling that the pace was too fast. After plenty of rocky scrambling the beginning of checkpoint 2 had us go up a MASSIVE staircase. It probably took me close to 45minutes to climb up the stairs = 1200metres elevation gain. I was over taken from another lady who was a powerhouse, she was phenomenal and went up those stairs with ease. She is a Brit living in Colorado and has also completed the seven summits so this was completely her strength. We’ve decided to buddy up in the future – she can teach me how to go up the hills and I will show her how to go down the hills (perfect match).

Not long after the stairs Nico and Maurice caught up to me and we stuck together until the second checkpoint. This was one of the sweetest parts of the as there were so many kids out on the course throwing flowers at us and cheering their heads off.  See their beautiful faces and big smiles really warmed my heart and made me feel so lucky to be running out here. Whenever things seemed to get too tough there they were again = happiness.

I did a decent portion of today by myself and was ever vigilant not to get lost and constantly would stop to make sure I was going the right way. Heading down one of the hills one of the front runner was coming the opposite way, his face was white and his finger was bandaged up. He briefly said he fell over and hurt his finger and was going back to the checkpoint to get it checked out. Once I got back to camp I discovered that he split dislocated his finger and the bone was completely exposed. He ended up getting six stitches at the checkpoint and still finished the race = warrior.

15 or so people had falls on the trails yesterday and I am sure a stack of other people had them today. Luckily no injuries on my end.

I had run out of gas going into the last checkpoint – 7.5kms to the end and struggled to lift my legs far off the ground. I was completely embracing my grandma shuffle and it wasn’t until I started to descend down a  rocky drop that I was able to pick up the pace. Once I saw the checkpoint in the distance I pushed the final few kms and finished 13th overall and 2nd female (2 minutes behind the climbing legend girl).

I actually finished three minutes quicker than yesterday although we had an additional 4kms. I think I have been pretty consistent with pace so getting lost for 20 minutes yesterday makes sense with a quicker time today.

I have now come 2nd both day but consistency in a race like this pays off and although it is only the 2nd day and PLENTY can happen I am placed first female, with a small 8 minute lead from 2nd place. This is new territory for me.

It is a big hilly day tomorrow, definitely not my strength but I will give it my best. Looking forward to reading all of your messages when they come through.

Love to all.

Thinking flatter thoughts 😉

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