RTP Nepal: Stage 5 (long march)

We climbed up and up, powered across and soared down (repeat x 3). It was a fantastic day for me and I am super happy with how everything turned out. I was quite anxious the night before the long march but as I stood on the start line I reminded myself that the most important thing was to enjoy myself, be in the moment and just do my best.

We all went out at a decent pace for the first km as we knew we had a super steep stair climb coming up which would have everyone in single file. I started the climb not far behind Ryan Bennett and managed to keep him in sight until we reached the flatter section. Without prior planning I buddied up with Patrick Diaz for the majority of the day. We worked well together as I power walked the hills, he coasted the flats and we soared alongside each other down the hills = perfect running partnership. Two of the other guys in the top ten joined us and all four of us worked together to keep a steady pace up the never ending hills. Definitely kept us moving at a faster pace.

The heat was beaming down on us pretty heavily from 11am to 3pm and I was sweating profusely – my eyes were  even stinging from the salt at times. I was much more regimented with my nutrition on this long day and tried to eat something every hour and drink every 20 minutes. This was pretty tough for me as I get so focused on the running that I often forget to eat during the stages. Right now sitting at camp I am starving and cannot wait to get back to town for a big feed. 

I am a wee bit tired now so will keep this short but all in all I had an ideal day. The hills felt more manageable than on day four, I felt strong on the downhills and I managed to run most of the final 18kms into camp. I finished with another Aussie from Sydney and we came equal 10th for the day and just as it got dark.

This has definitely been my strongest race to date and I am very pleased with coming 2nd female and currently placing in the top ten overall. Quite likely that I will lose top ten tomorrow on the 13km final stage as Tom and Mark are very close behind me and strong road runners.

I’ve loved the messages each day and really feel blessed to have the support from friends and family all over the world. (Mum and Dad your messages have been quite tardy however and I have missed your usual witty banter about painting the house and gardening tales.)

Final tent story- I arrived into camp last night and shamefully confessed that I accidentally peed my pants during the day, Ryan then confesses that he freely and by choice peed his pants and Sebastian said he desperately tried but couldn’t. Fair enough to say that our tent is smelly and we are all in  need of a shower.

Love to all.

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