Until Samantha completed the 4Deserts she never knew how far she was capable of pushing – both mentally and physically. However, whilst racing in the Himalayas she discovered that her motivation to push that hard… for herself, was not so strong. From 2012 – 2015 Samantha partnered with Save the Children Australia to support their domestic and overseas programs through expedition length projects in Australia and South Africa. She is now a World Vision Ambassador and is in current preparation for a near 4000km run across India. Together with World Vision, she will be raising funds for education initiatives across India that address the barriers to quality education. Without a doubt she now finds far greater reward in running for change and for a reason outside of herself.

2011  |  LA ULTRA – INDIA (222km non-stop)

After completing the 4 Deserts Grandslam in 2010, Samantha’s natural reaction was to once again push the envelope. She found herself entered into a 222km nonstop run in the Himalayas; between the two highest motorable passes.

The race peaked at 6000 metres above sea level and averaged at 4500 metres. Only one man had previously completed this race and Samantha was 1 of 6 participants.

Despite her inexperience, Samantha somehow survived the extreme heat and then white out conditions to complete the race. However, the penny dropped during this race that she wanted to use her capacity to run long distances, for a reason outside of herself.

2012  |  SIMPSON DESERT – AUSTRALIA (379km non-stop)

Drawn to the work and impact made by Save the Children Australia, Samantha ran 379kms across Australia’s Simpson Desert. She moved forward for 3 days, 14 hours and 28 minutes nonstop and received national attention for doing so. Samantha raised $30,000 for a domestic program with Save the Children.

2014  |  FREEDOM RUNNERS – SOUTH AFRICA (2350kms over 32 days)

In September 2014, Samantha ran an averaged 62kms per day across the grueling Freedom Trail in South Africa over 32 days (1968km in total) with Mimi Anderson. Their journey raised over $55,000 for Save The Children to support an education and health initiative for young South African women.

2016  |  RUN INDIA

A 67 day, 3253km run from the West to the East of India as a World Vision Ambassador. Samantha explored the barriers to why children in India are unable to access a quality education. Run India was far more than a run and 18 World Vision development programs were visited with content created on the go to share the stories of those so often untold.