Strength and Suffering in the Headlights 

A baptism of darkness and rain for the start of my running legs.

Not long after my jaunt on Survivor and trip to the United States I found myself physically unprepared but mentally willing to begin the Sub Three Project. In fact, I had only landed in Adelaide from a road trip down California less than 18 hours earlier. Normally jetlag would be a major concern before embarking on an endurance feat, but time zones were irrelevant as the project was a non-stop 800km relay from Adelaide to Melbourne. I focused on this being a benefit over the clear detriment of physical fatigue and a lack of running in my legs over the past four months.

Andy Sargent was the brain child behind Sub Three and it was his vision and tireless effort that pulled it together. Having completed Run India less than seven months earlier I knew what a mission he had gone through to make this happen. I was still recovering from the overload of India planning and execution – that I was unable to commit myself to the logistical preparations. Something I felt constantly guilty about.

In addition to being a supreme creator, speedy runner and super good guy – Andy is also a skillfull wordsmith. An article in TEMPO Journal (the premier destination for the documentation and presentation of modern running culture) beautifully describes the journey the six runners and crew embarked on.

Strength and Suffering in the Headlights

Final running leg.

words – Andy Sargent. images – Riley Wolff. 

“The idea behind Sub Three Run was to bring together a group of friends who didn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to run, train and compete together. Recent challenges for some team members ranged from traditional marathons and ironmans, to ultra trail races, and for our sole female member Sam, running across India.

With this in mind, looking at the calendar of events and our combined schedules it became clear we needed to create something unique, something audacious and something big.

After weeks of researching, planning, dreaming and endless conversations, we decided running an 800 km relay from Adelaide to Melbourne was a good idea. Then we decided to do it non-stop, in under 3 days. Hence Sub Three Run was born.”


Sub Three Run was always a goal, never a race. We ran for ourselves, each other and for the cause. There was nothing to prove, no records to break and nothing more to it. The only constant out there was running; simple, uncomplicated and primal.”

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