The Adventurous Spirit Speakers Series



3 cities | 6 speakers

“The first event of its kind in Australia – think TedX in the adventure space”

I am excited to be part of an inaugural speaker series that is ALL about ADVENTURE. The “Adventurous Spirit” has brought together six experience-seeking storytellers into the one space. We hope to share our definition of adventure, the way in which we approach it and the lessons we have learnt along the way. Having had the chance to get to know the speakers in the lead-up to this event I LOVE and APPRECIATE how different our experiences have been. The commonality however is a willingness to be daring and simply try.

India, Sam Gash

I cannot wait to share tales of my 3000+km run across India where I was raising funds for World Vision’s quality education programs. I spent two rigorous years planning the run with World Vision and collaborated with experts in the fields of technology, training, logistics and social impact. However, things rarely went to plan. At the beginning of the trip the constant change crushed my confidence and made me question if I would be able to run for 77 days on the Indian roads facing temperatures well over 40 degrees with humidity over 90%. It took considerable reflection, team work and belief in what we were doing to understand that this adventure was going to be shaped based on HOW we dealt with change. We could fight it or we could embrace it. If we did the later, this would form a greatest learnings about ourselves and the people we would meet along the way. It took time but we learnt to reshape our previous notions of failure, seek humour in the challenges and find lightness in our minds.

Over the 77 days, we visited over 15 communities that World Vision support across the country from the remote desert dwellings in Rajasthan, the slums in Delhi and Lucknow and the Himalayan region of Pauri and Darjeeling.

Over the past few years I have befriended a wonderful family called the Jonesy’s and it is going to be such a pleasure listening to them share their experiences walking for 100 days through the Australian desert – as a family – with their 18 month old daughter Morgan!!!! Other speakers include: Ky Fureneaux who is an Award Winning Hollywood Stuntwoman; Heather Miller a leader in youth programs; Mal MacGown former SAS soldier and counter terrorist hostage negotiator; and Heather Yelland international people specialist. The creator of 100Things Sebastian Terry will be the MC.


With events in Sydney August 2nd, Gold Coast August 4th and Melbourne August 5th the event is ready to get adventure into mainstream.

2nd August: Sydney – Chatswood Concourse

  • 10am – 1:00pm YOUTH SQUAD
  • 6:00pm – 10:00pm

4th August: Gold Coast – Convention & Exhibition Centre 2:00pm – 6:00pm 

5 August: Melbourne –  Town Hall 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm 



Adventurous Spirit will put a fire for adventure inside the hearts of everyone who participates, reminding them to play more and not to settle in life…after all it is not adventure that is scary…it is life that is scary!

It is an awesome opportunity to share a unique experience with your kids, your friends, your lover, your colleagues or your sports buddies. We all have Adventure in us. ANYONE can be an adventurer, ANYONE can go on an adventure. Sometimes it takes the stories of Adventurers to inspire us to embark on an adventurous journey ourselves.