Endurance Athlete, Inspirational Speaker, Social Impact Entrepreneur, founder Her Trails, Co-Founder Relief Run, AIA Vitality Ambassador, World Vision Goodwill Ambassador, Mother.

Samantha Gash is one of Australia’s most influential speakers, captivating audiences with her unique blend of heartfelt gripping stories and actionable insights. With vibrant energy and a delivery both relatable and profound, Samantha has been speaking globally for over 15 years. Her talks are curated for each audience and she leverages her varied roles as an adventurer, entrepreneur, mother, social advocate, and former corporate lawyer.  She shows that true success is more about building personal confidence, resilience, and purpose than about having innate talent, influencing both personal growth and team dynamics.

Samantha doesn’t merely recount a single event but offers a comprehensive tapestry of a career marked by world-class expeditions, impactful social campaigns and corporate insights. She dives into the crux of resilience, transformative growth, and what it entails to be a leader and collaborator with purpose.

Notably, Samantha’s achievements in the adventure & social impact space include: 

  • becoming the first woman to complete the 4 Deserts Grand Slam (4 x 250km desert ultramarathons in one calendar year).
  • traversing Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail over 50 days in an unsupported female pair – advocating and raising funds for financial and digital literacy programs in rural Nepal
  • running from West to India India (3,500 kms) in 77 days – raising funds and addressing the barriers to quality education programs.
  • Traversing South Africa’s Freedom Trail over 32 days to raise attention to the high cost of feminine hygiene products.
  • running 379km non-stop across Australia’s Simpson Desert – raising funds for education resources in remote Aboriginal communities.

These feats highlight the importance of venturing into the uncharted, maintaining composure in adversity, and fostering a culture of trust, adaptability, and shared goals – key to overcoming challenges and achieving extraordinary results in the harshest environments. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of confronting and transcending self-imposed barriers, underscoring that significant growth often lies just outside our comfort zones.

Beyond physical accomplishments, Samantha has raised over $1.5 million for non-profits focused on education, gender equality, and climate action. Her roles as a World Vision Goodwill Ambassador and the founder of Her Trails have empowered countless individuals to surpass perceived limitations, cultivate resilience and creativity whilst pursuing a life filled with purpose and impact.

She’s featured in three Award Winning documentaries, been a Finalist in the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards in the Agenda Setter Category and a Delegate to the Australia India Youth Dialogue.. 

Her story is more than an inspiration; it’s a blueprint for tackling life’s challenges, fostering resilient teams, and achieving individual and collective milestones. Through her talks, Samantha equips her audiences with the strategies and mindset to push beyond perceived limitations and embrace a life rich with purpose and impact.

 She was a competitor on the TV show Survivor where she met her partner Mark Wales. They welcomed Harry, their first child, in 2018.