When I found out I was pregnant Mark was away for work in Western Australia. I wanted to tell him in person so I had a few anguishing days waiting till we were reunited. I planned not to tell anyone else, that was until I saw my Mum. The moment I saw her the words came bursting out of mouth. As those words landed in her ears, she beamed. She said “I didn’t think this would ever happen” whilst giving me strong hug that pushed my shoulders up to my ears. 

Being pregnant changed my relationship with my Mum overnight. She went to some of my doctors appointments, helped me nest, took phone calls late at night and answered endless questions. As my love for my baby grew, I started to think about all of the unconditional care, love and support Mum had given me. I’ve always remembered how she worked nightshift for over a decade when we were younger so she could be there when we woke in the morning but also throughout the day with us. She would have hardly slept but she describes those years as the best of her life as she was able to spend so much time with us. 

As we packed my bag for the hospital Mum bought me a new nightie and gave me a Johnson’s Baby set of moisturizers, shampoo and wash. She said her Mum had done the same thing for her when she was about to give birth to my sister. 

I’ve used the Johnson’s range on Harry since he was born and I liked the familiar smell and the sense of family ritual it gave. As a beautiful synergy to this, in 2019 I started to work with Johnson’s Baby as they relaunched their range. Impressively Johnson’s is a 125 year old global leading company who conduct 90% of all industry-led research focused on understanding healthy baby skin. But it has been a long time since J&J updated their brand. 

I was excited to hear that Johnson’s were reformulating some of their products after listening to 26,000 parents around the world and backing it up with their rigorous science. They wanted to keep Johnson’s as a brand that we all know, but be reflective of the new priorities that parents have. People want products to be as natural as possible whilst still having the research to back up the safety of every ingredient that we put on our babies bodies. This is where Johnson’s stands with this relaunch. 

I’ve had the chance to meet many people that work for Johnson’s from their research and development team to pediatric doctors who have taught me about the increased sensitivity that a babies skin has. 

The biggest changes are: 

(i)  naturally derived ingredients; (ii) transparency for parent’s – all ingredients are included on the label and the website includes the purpose behind all additions; (ii) the washing and moisturizing experience has improved – with creamier lather, shampoos that rinse quickly and fast absorbing lotions; (iv) parent-friendly packaging and more ergonomic pump bottles, and (v) gentler on the environment.

When I think about taking care of my little man, I feel great about Johnson’s being a part of the team.