25. Brian Finestone: The Business of Adventure – Risk, Reinvention and Living in your Dream Job.

Sep 8, 2020

” There isn’t one thing that is at the end of the journey, there are going to be multiple lines of income. Find what you are good at, what works for you & what is the lifestyle you want to live.”

Brian Finestone hails from Whistler Canada and he is your all round adventure man & guide. This conversation looks at the concept of risk, yet also how you need to reinvent yourself to continually be living in your dream job. He wears many hats that include writer, photographer, fly fishing guide and Race Coordinator for Eco Challenge – the World’s Toughest Race

Brian studied the Business of Adventure and his career has seen him as a ski patroller in Canada & the Swiss Alps, carrying 20kg of explosives for avalanche control. He was the Whistler Mountain Bike Park Manager for over a decade – bringing together his risk management prowess to construct trails that allowed riders of all levels to be challenged, without the consequence of not walking again if you made a mistake. He’s been a fly fishing guide and is the Co-author of six guidebooks to skiing, mountain biking and hiking in Whistler BC – selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

Currently Brian is the Director of Operations at Whitecap Risk and Safety Consultants, a company that specialises in ambitious project in both sets and remote wilderness settings.

He is part of the race management team for Eco Challenge – the World’s Toughest Race. Excitingly he was in Patagonia earlier this year (pre-Covid) setting the new World’s Toughest Race course!! We do a recap on his experiences in Fiji and some early thoughts of Patagonia.

During this global pandemic Brian’s experience in risk management and operations is being utilised as he creates ‘Covid Exposure Control and Risk Management’ for the Television and Film Industry.

Brian is someone who believes ‘motion is lotion’. He fully commits to the experience of living. This attitude has clearly rubbed off on how he parents his son Finn.

You can follow Brian:

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