This is a conversation with Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel. She is a fourth-generation runner and is known for her advocacy work, where she represents the rights of women and Indigenous people – and more broadly she is passionately committed to anti-racism work.

She has founded a grassroots organisation called Rising Hearts Coalition, that defends Native rights, organises rallies, produces documentary films and marches for social justice and environmental issues. In 2019 she received global attention and visibility for the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) through her platform of running.. During the 2019 Boston marathon she dedicated her run to 26 Indigenous women – she painted a red hand print on her face, spelt let the letters MMIW on her legs and each mile she recited one of their names and made a prayer for them.

Not exclusively, this conversation explores her journey into activism: as a lobbyist, on a grassroots platform and through the vehicle of running. You will hear Jordan’s journey to this point, the emotional and physical toll she has experienced and how she is learning to support & sustain herself for the long run.


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