15. Mark Healey – Big Waves, Bullying & Meditation

Jun 29, 2020

Mark Healey is more than you could imagine. He is a legendary big wave surfer, award-winning spear-fisherman, free-diver, photographer, filmmaker, yoga practitioner, conservationist and part-time Hollywood stuntman. This conversation goes deep into the water and reveals Mark’s humility; intellect, humour and ability to utilise ego to do good things & progress. He describes ego like fire – “it can save your life or burn you, you just have to know what doses.” Mark continually strives to find new ways in which to explore, commune with and protect our natural world.

Mark grew up with the pulse of the ocean in his blood. Hailing from the North Shore of Oahu, his world was shaped by the ever-changing sea and the lush tropical landscape that surrounded him. His aquatic education began at the age of three when his father led him out into powerful eight-foot high Hawaiian surf. It has been a journey of tenaciousness and a thirst for learning over natural talent. He earned his first surf sponsorship at age 13 and went pro at 17. He’s now achieved victories at big wave events around the world, and thats only the tip of the ocean.

This conversation reveals
• the source of his drive
• how he was bullied as a kid and practical advice to confront the perception you have of yourself
• his appetite to explore new frontiers
• the physiological & physical responses when you hold your breath
• how the practice of free diving has allowed him to confront discomfort , – which serves him well in big wave surfing and in all forms of life discomfort
• his time and the challenges of tagging Hammerhead sharks for scientific research
• the loss he’s experienced in the surfing world
• his shift in how he mitigates risk (from sleep, meditation, food, hydration, critical examination of why)

Details on Mark
website: https://markhealeywaterman.com/
youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoVgwQND_LFjJNvkP3SFbGQ
Mark Healey’s Guide to Heavy Water (discussed in the podcast) https://courses.theinertia.com/mark-healey-guide-heavy-water

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