17. Diana Ryall – a masterclass in career advancement, gender & cultural diversity: from the first female leader of an IT company (Apple) in Australia

Jul 13, 2020

What a privilege to host Diana Ryall on the podcast. She is a slam dunk guest in that she has a wealth of experience, credibility, mastery in storytelling and provided a stream of practical advice. I highly recommend this conversation!!

By way of brief bio, Diana Ryall was the Managing Director at Apple Australia from 1997 to 2001. While holding this position, the company was recognised by Hewitt Associates as “Employer of the Year”. She has been innovating and disrupting the workplace for more than 30 years. She is not afraid to speak up and is well-known for her efforts to challenge people to think differently and to bring equality and cultural change to the workplace.

Diana shares her trajectory and tales from high school maths teacher, becoming a mother of two boys, shifting into computer programming and the journey into the MD role at Apple Australia (which was not smooth sailing).

Diana gives advice and anecdotal frameworks for:

  • applying for a job – (particularly when you don’t fulfil all of the criteria)
  • requesting a job promotion
  • strategies if you have been treated poorly or devalued by senior management
  • how to work out if you have been paid fairly
  • how to request pay parity
  • how to position yourself for bonuses.

Further bio –

  • In 2002, Diana founded the company ‘Xplore for Success’ which offers services to organisations to support professionals to achieve personal success. The Xplore programs have challenged over 6000 women and men in organisations such as American Express, CBA, Deloitte, Dept. of Commerce, Centrelink, GHD, Lend Lease, Luxottica, KPMG, and NAB.
  • From 2005 to 2008, Diana led the Chief Executive Women’s (CEW). A member-based organisation representing Australia’s most senior women leaders from the corporate, public service, academic and not-for-profit sectors.
  • From 2006 to 2009, Diana was the Vice President of the CEW and was one of the authors of the CEO Kit, which provides pragmatic ways to measure gender diversity initiatives. Diana was part of the judging panel of the Australian Best Employers program run by Hewitt Associates, sat on the panel for Deloitte’s Businesswomen of the year awards and was on the Diversity Council for Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
  • In 2010, Diana became a Member of the Order of Australia, AM, for her significant contribution to the education community, her commitment and support to the advancement of women, and her ongoing and wide-reaching charitable work.

She is an ambassador for Honour a Woman, Good Return and Dress for Success Sydney, and sits on the Industry Advisory Group for Victorian Police. As a breast cancer survivor, Ms Ryall supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and is a key spokesperson for International Women’s Day and is committed to a number of charitable and philanthropic causes.

To find out more about Diana – https://dianaryall.com.au/

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