18. Emelie Forsberg – Play More, Live Slower!

Jul 21, 2020

“I remember when I realised running was always there for me, it was like a friend I had taken for granted.”

Emelie is a Swedish athlete, a four-time back-to-back Sky Runner World Series champion, and record holder for Fastest Known Time for five different ultra-running race courses. Emelie has also earned six medals at the Ski Mountaineering World Championships. She has been a member of the Swedish National Ski Mountaineering team and the Swedish National Ultratrail team. Emelie is a plant-based athlete who enjoys sustainable living with a healthy and holistic approach.

BUT you will hear us speak little of these accolades and far more about what drives her, her challenges and life philosophy. She wears many hats (athlete, mother, farmer, business owner….list goes on) – but through experience and reflection she is acutely aware of her energy levels. She knows when she needs to focus and where detachment is useful to create balance, it is also a constant work in progress.

We discuss:

  • how to manage pressure
  • working with your own mind, how to feel secure – in running and in life
  • her view on slow living
  • the importance of preparation to enable “play”
  • the journey from Chamonix to Norway, to creating MOONVALLEY
  • reframing discomfort
  • her run across the Kingsluden to recapture her inner motivation
  • returning to movement & performance after having her daughter Maj
  • her & Kilian’s perspective on risk.

FYI… Dean Karnazes description of Emelie is SPOT ON…..”Emelie Forsberg is a genuine trailblazer, both on the mountain and in life. Sheʼs boldly parted from convention and chosen a path less trodden, one that is jagged and sheer, though infinitely more rewarding…”

You can discover more of Emelie via these channels –

  • instagram: @tinaemelie & @moonvalley.me
  • website: www.emelieforsberg.com

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