22. James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy – Defy Logic but Don’t Quit your Day Job

Aug 19, 2020

James Lawrence, or better know as the Iron Cowboy is a world record holder for multiple feats in the sport of triathlon and is a sought-after inspirational speaker. In 2015, he set a new record by doing 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 consecutive days, in all 50 states. It was featured in a documentary called Redefine Impossible and this conversation bares all – about the challenges, the highs and lows.

Last September, James and I both competed in Eco Challenge, the Worlds Toughest Race in Fiji. We both loved the experience!!! The series has just aired on Amazon Prime as a 10 part series, hosted by Bear Grylls. Despite all of James’ badass past experience he was a novice adventure racer – so it was awesome to hear his perspective on the experience. To explore the notion of grittiness as a commonality for those who finished the race. What he learned about himself and other from his experience. Also the difference between the 50-50-50 versus Eco Challenge.

We also discussed:

  • how he is pivoting during covid -19.
  • how you manage the thoughts in your head, the inner bully & critic.
  • A full breakdown on 50-50-50, including a focus on SuperMom Sunny
  • common mistakes that athletes make – rushing endurance and speed
  • science of performance in endurance & why you shouldn’t skip the steps in between.
  • how to create adventures…. where to focus…where to start.
  • demystifying sponsorship – go local; be willing to fund your own adventures
  • what does it mean to do the work
  • how to find out my passion
  • appreciating the moment and how to be in it
  • the challenge of being on stage as an introvert
  • What’s next!!

Hope you loved this conversation – you can check out James at

website: https://www.ironcowboy.com/ (virtual events, coaching, programs)

socials: @ironcowboyjames

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