26. Sarah Davidson: How to dream big but plan small, navigate through unpredictability and redefine ‘success’

Sep 15, 2020

“”Are you on auto pilot or are you choosing the path you are on?”

This week on the podcast I am interviewing one of my nearest and dearest Sarah Davidson (formerly Sarah Holloway). A lady who I certainly consider to be in my inner tribe, quite literally the smartest person I know, fellow lover of verbose responses, ‘lawyer turned funtrepreneur’ (podcast host + author + entrepreneur) and the Queen of Quotes. This conversation is a reflection of our 12 year relationship, that includes both our willingness to ask the challenging conversations and our spark of joy when we are with each other.

We met as eager beaver law students 12 years ago and our paths lined up as corporate lawyers in top tier law firms… before I abandoned the coup to run & speak…. One year later Sarah & her now husband Nic Davidson started Matcha Maiden – an organic matcha green tea company. The brand sky rocketed through the use of social media and Sarah’s amazing ability and connection. Within 6 months it gained the attention of US retailed Urban Outfitters – which was the trigger for Sarah to leave her job in law to jumped head and feet first into the business.

She is the co-founder of Matcha Mylkbar – a vegan inspired cafe. The host of globally renowned podcast Seize the Yay and most recently an author to Seize the Yay.

This conversation discusses (amongst many things):

  • How Sarah revamped her metric of ‘success’
  • How she’s reignited the inner child.
  • Her strengths and weaknesses, including anything confrontational!!
  • Creating a brand as a reflection of the most authentic representation of her
  • The learnings from writing her book, including the uncovering of why she’s struggled to self manage and say NO to opportunities
  • Learning how to create milestones and celebrate the small successes
  • Her mantras of ‘Dreaming Big but Planning Small’, ‘Done is better than perfect’
  • How to change your default settings

Sarah is a huge lover of life, all things yay, flexible thinking, spontaneity and she is a GEM.

You can follow Sarah: instagram – @spoonful_of_sarah and website – https://www.spoonfulofsarah.com/

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