28. Mindy Zemrak – ‘The Pitching Queen’: Emmy Nominated Casting Producer for Shark Tank & Competitor Relations Director for the World’s Toughest Race.

Oct 2, 2020

“I feast upon the challenge that is presented to me”

Mindy is an Emmy Nominated Casting Producer for Shark Tank (United States) and has been with the show throughout its 12 seasons. We caught up whilst she was working on the show ‘in a bubble’ in Los Vegas. She is also the Competitor Relations Director for the World’s Toughest Race for the Amazon Prime Video (doco -series), adventure race – hosted by Bear Grylls.

Many people title Mindy “The Gatekeeper”. I also perceive her as ‘the pitch master’, a high performing/no nonsense/heart charging organised weapon. On top of that Mindy is a lot of fun!

We discuss:

  • what the world of casting really entails
  • the power of the zigzag versus the linear
  • what are skill traits helpful in casting
  • how she successfully leads her small team
  • the influence from her parents
  • her life changing experience on the World’s Toughest Race in Fiji
  • her work-in-progress approach to self care.

You can follow this powerhouse on socials @mindycasting

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