29. Megan Hine: ‘Mind of a Survivor’ – what the wild has taught one of the world’s best known wilderness experts

Oct 14, 2020

“Your mind can have so much control over your body when you don’t want to do something.”

Megan Hine is a British survival expert, consultant, adventurer, climber, television presenter and expedition leader taking celebrities and TV crews into uncharted territory.

She is widely known for her work alongside Bear Grylls on TV shows including Running Wild, ITV’s Bear Grylls: Mission Survive and Bear Grylls: The Island, as well as a wide range of TV shows all over the world. She has taken TV crews into some of the harshest places on earth – literally holding the ropes for some of the toughest men on TV.

Her book ‘Mind Of A Survivor’ examines the human ability and instinct for survival. Megan shares and dissects life tools she’s used in the wild for survival, showing how they can as easily be applied to more domestic everyday life – from careers to relationships.

This conversation looks at (not exclusively)

  • her pathway into adventure
  • her leadership style in high pressure and remote environments
  • the importance of having uncomfortable conversations
  • identifying your stress triggers and the impact of accumulated/chronic stress.
  • how to reset through reconnecting with a routine.
  • her approach to tackling the fear of the unknown.
  • releasing our childhood mechanisms for safety as an adult
  • providing opportunities for our youth to lead and experience accountability & the consequence of one’s actions.
  • creating space for failure in a success driven environment
  • the female adventurer journey – perceived barriers; challenges and how to work through them and own your path.

You can follow Megan via:

instagram @megan_hine

website meganhine.com

facebook https://www.facebook.com/officialmeganhine


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