8. Hayley Talbot, the never ending adventure of self discovery (kayaker – poet – mother – entrepreneur)

May 19, 2020

This conversation talks about the power of the human mind to overcome physical adversity and the evolution of our relationship with our parents, children, partners & most importantly self. Hayley and I discuss the threat of personal safety for female runners, something that was triggered for her as she ran early and in the dark throughout the Calendar Club (a 750km running challenge through the month of April). Having trained in karate since the age of 3, she shares her knowledge in how to hone your awareness in order to mitigate potential and real risks. Hayley explains her propensity to being a sponge of knowledge in order to venture into unfamiliar arenas and how she has created lasting change to her local community by having conviction and starting now.

Hayley grew up in Yamba, a small coastal town in northern New South Wales – at the mouth of the Clarence River. In a journey to discover herself (not as a mother, a daughter or a wife) she embarked on an adventure to become the first person to solo kayak the 400km length of the Clarence River, the largest river system on the east coast of Australia. Her two year journey to that start line required her to learn bush, survival, navigation and skills in hunting, trapping, foraging and using plants for medicinal purposes. She had never kayaked before beginning this journey.

She is a mother of two beautiful boys, a Director for a co-working space called Blanc Space and the National Operations manager for James Baroud. She is a writer, poet, ambassador, passionate about the environment and making real & sustained change.

You can follow Hayley’s journey on socials via @hayleytalbot & on her website

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