9. Sebastian Terry, adventure & happiness seeker meet global kindness connector

May 26, 2020

Best Selling Author; Global Motivational Speaker; Founder of 100 Things & Kindsum; philanthropist and TV host. Armed with an unshakeable belief that we all have the power to make a change in our lives, Sebastian has gone on a transformational experience since creating a list of ‘100 Things’ he hoped to do, triggered by the passing of a close friend. He dropped everything in his life to go out and achieve his list (#23 Deliver a Baby, #29 One Week Silence, #12, Visit a deathrow inmate, #82 Hitchhike across America #67 Live on a Deserted Island for 1 Week, #26 Help a Stranger, etc).

Sebastian’s story has grown from an adventurous tale into a global movement that engages a growing tribe of hundreds of thousands to set meaningful goals, achieve their biggest dreams and help others in need.

We chat about the evolution of his list, which reflects the shift in his values. The lightbulb moment when he helped a stranger; his commitment to letting CONNECTION drive the fulfilment of the list – even when he was offered a blank cheque. The ripple effect when you do things you love and the birth of Kindsum, a peer-to-peer platform, activating acts of kindness in the general public and within organizations..

His energy is contagious and this conversation will likely provoke you to ask a simple question….. ‘are you happy?.’ Through entertaining stories and valuable insights, Seb guides you to consider that the key to growth and happiness is finding out who you are on a primal level and then being that person, each and every day.

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